ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.170/1-2



Date: November 2011



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General Section


Ultrasonic heating and temperature measurement in microfluidic channels
Pages 1-7
Goksen Yaralioglu

Physical Section


Review on vortex flowmeter—Designer perspective
Pages 8-23
A. Venugopal, Amit Agrawal, S.V. Prabhu



Dielectrophoretic characterization and trapping of different waterborne pathogen in continuous flow manner
Pages 24-31
Kun-Shyong Chow, Hejun Du



Submicron thin-film amorphous silicon photoconductive light sensors
Pages 32-35
F. Dong, V. Chu, J.P. Conde


Non-invasive intraocular pressure monitoring with a contact lens engineered with a nanostructured polymeric sensing film
Pages 36-43
Vladimir Laukhin, Irene Sánchez, Ana Moya, Elena Laukhina, Raul Martin, Fernando Ussa, Concepció Rovira, Antón Guimera, Rosa Villa, Jordi Aguiló, José-Carlos Pastor, Jaume Veciana


A dual axis CMOS micromachined convective thermal accelerometer
Pages 44-50
Alexandra Garraud, Alain Giani, Philippe Combette, Benoît Charlot, Mathieu Richard


Novel temperature-insensitive fiber Bragg grating sensor for displacement measurement
Pages 51-54
Changyu Shen, Chuan Zhong


Double core giant magneto-impedance sensors for the inspection of magnetic flux leakage from metal surface cracks
Pages 55-61
M.M. Tehranchi, M. Ranjbaran, H. Eftekhari



Simultaneous measurement of liquid level and surrounding refractive index using tilted fiber Bragg grating
Pages 62-65
Qi Jiang, Debo Hu, Meng Yang


A new technique for touch sensing based on measurement of current generated by electrostatic induction
Pages 66-71
Koichi Kurita, Yusaku Fujii, Kazuhito Shimada


Investigation of the effect of the yarn production properties and wavelength on the sensor signatures detected upon defect
Pages 72-83
İhsan Süle


Measurement of cell forces using a microfabricated polymer cantilever sensor
Pages 84-89
Nicholas Ferrell, James Woodard, Derek J. Hansford


A tri-axial touch sensor with direct silicon to PC-board packaging
Pages 90-99
Shenshen Zhao, Yuhe Li, Chang Liu

Interfaces Section


Flow immunosensing system utilizing antibodies immobilized on beads coated with poly-2-[3-(methacryloylamino)propylammonio]ethyl 3-aminopropyl phosphate
Pages 100-105
Y. Fuchiwaki, M. Yasuzawa


Design of a CMOS phase to digital transducer for optical incremental sensors
Pages 106-113
Cheng-Ta Chiang, Kaun-Chun Hsieh, Yu-Chung Huang

Materials & Technology Section


Scalloping removal on DRIE via using low concentrated alkaline solutions at low temperature
Pages 114-120
Thomas Defforge, Xi Song, Gaël Gautier, Thomas Tillocher, Rémi Dussart, Sébastien Kouassi, François Tran-Van


Actuator Section


A numerical model for electro-active polymer actuators with experimental validation
Pages 121-130
Mark Potter, Kevin Gouder, Jonathan F. Morrison


Feed-through capacitance reduction for a micro-resonator with push–pull configuration based on electrical characteristic analysis of resonator with direct drive
Pages 131-138
Hyeon-Woo Park, Yong-Kweon Kim, Hyeong-Gyun Jeong, Jin Woo Song, Jung-Mu Kim


A robot hand using electro-conjugate fluid
Pages 139-146
Akihiro Yamaguchi, Kenjiro Takemura, Shinichi Yokota, Kazuya Edamura


High-precision positioning using a self-sensing piezoelectric actuator control with a differential detection method
Pages 147-155
Hideyuki Ikeda, Takeshi Morita


A curved multimorph based electrothermal micromirror with large scan range and low drive voltage
Pages 156-163
Sagnik Pal, Huikai Xie


Nonlinear strain–electric field relationship of carbon nanotube buckypaper/Nafion actuators
Pages 164-171
P.-J. Cottinet, C. Souders, D. Labrador, S. Porter, Z. Liang, B. Wang, C. Zhang


Two-state reconfigurable miniaturized low-pass filter using micromachined double-contact RF switches
Pages 172-179
Jong-Man Kim, Sanghyo Lee, Jae-Hyoung Park, Chang-Wook Baek, Youngwoo Kwon, Yong-Kweon Kim

Micromechanics Section


Skin penetration and fracture strength testing of silicon dioxide microneedles
Pages 180-186
Puneet Khanna, Brenda R. Flam, Barbara Osborn, Joel A. Strom, Shekhar Bhansali



Effect of humidity and temperature on the fatigue behavior of polysilicon thin film
Pages 187-195
Shoji Kamiya, Yusuke Ikeda, João Gaspar, Oliver Paul

Systems/Applications Section


Enhanced polymeric encapsulation for MEMS based multi sensors for fisheries research
Pages 196-201
Karen Birkelund, Lars Nørgaard, Erik V. Thomsen

Technology Section


Bonding of carbon nanotubes onto microelectrodes by localized induction heating
Pages 202-206
Mingxiang Chen, Xiaohui Song, Qiang Lv, Zhiyin Gan, Sheng Liu

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