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Date: November 2011



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General Section


Detection of microdroplet size and speed using capacitive sensors
Pages 55-62
Caglar Elbuken, Tomasz Glawdel, Danny Chan, Carolyn L. Ren


Analysis of the environmental magnetic noise rejection by using two simple magnetoelectric sensors
Pages 63-68
Y. Shen, J. Gao, L. Shen, D. Gray, J. Li, P. Finkel, D. Viehland, X. Zhuang, S. Saez, C. Dolabdjian

Physical Section


An accurate compact model for CMOS cross-shaped Hall effect sensors
Pages 69-78
M. Madec, J.B. Kammerer, L. Hébrard, C. Lallement


Nature of sensitive high-order resonant modes in piezoelectric excited millimeter sized cantilever (PEMC) sensors
Pages 79-86
Ramji S. Lakshmanan, Raj Mutharasan


An ultraviolet selective photodetector based on a nanocrystalline TiO2photoelectrochemical cell
Pages 87-92
Elena Vigil, Laurence M. Peter, Fresnel Forcade, James R. Jennings, Bernardo González, Hongxia Wang, Larisa Curbelo, Halina Dunn


Modeling of transient bending wave in an infinite plate and its coupling to arbitrary shaped piezoelements
Pages 93-101
Daniel Guyomar, Xing Jun Wang, Lionel Petit, Mickael Lallart, Thomas Monnier, Kaori Yuse, David Audigier


An investigation into the sensory application of DBD plasma actuators for pressure measurement
Pages 102-108
Monique M. Hollick, Maziar Arjomandi, Benjamin S. Cazzolato


Quantum-efficiency enhancement of CMOS photodiodes by deliberate violation of design rules
Pages 109-117
Thiago Coura, Luciana P. Salles, Davies W. de Lima Monteiro


Reduction of squeeze-film damping in a wafer-level encapsulated RF MEMS DC shunt switch
Pages 118-125
Feixiang Ke, Jianmin Miao, Chee Wee Tan


Dual-phase sensing for early detection of prepreg structural failures via etched cladding Bragg grating
Pages 126-130
M.R.A. Hassan, N. Tamchek, A.F. Abas, R.M. Johar, F.R. Mahamd Adikan


A dielectric-based combined horizontal sensor for on-the-go measurement of soil water content and mechanical resistance
Pages 131-137
M. Naderi-Boldaji, A. Sharifi, B. Jamshidi, M. Younesi-Alamouti, S. Minaee


A sub-circuit model of a microbolometer IR detector and its experimental validation
Pages 138-145
Raghvendra Sahai Saxena, Arun Panwar, Sukhvinder Singh Lamba, R.K. Bhan


The properties of lattice-shifted microcavity in photonic crystal slab and its applications for electro-optical sensor
Pages 146-151
Daquan Yang, Huiping Tian, Yuefeng Ji


A novel humid electronic nose combined with an electronic tongue for assessing deterioration of wine
Pages 152-158
Luis Gil-Sánchez, Juan Soto, Ramón Martínez-Máñez, Eduardo Garcia-Breijo, Javier Ibáñez, Eduard Llobet


A MEMS-based low pressure, light gas density and binary concentration sensor
Pages 159-162
D. Sparks, R. Smith, J. Patel, N. Najafi


Vibration sensitivity analysis of MEMS vibratory ring gyroscopes
Pages 163-177
Sang Won Yoon, Sangwoo Lee, Khalil Najafi


Microcantilever sensors with embedded piezoresistive transistor read-out: Design and characterization
Pages 178-185
Pushpapraj Singh, Jianmin Miao, Lichun Shao, Rama Krishna Kotlanka, Woo-Tae Park, Dim-Lee Kwong


Study of magnetic ranging technology in horizontal directional drilling
Pages 186-190
Tao Liu, Boxiong Wang


Influences of perforation ratio in characteristics of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers in air
Pages 191-198
Bu-Sang Cha, Seung-Mok Lee, Takeshi Kanashima, Masanori Okuyama, Tsunehisa Tanaka


Support loss for beam undergoing coupled vibration of bending and torsion in rocking mass resonator
Pages 199-206
Xiong Wang, Dingbang Xiao, Zelong Zhou, Zhihua Chen, Xuezhong Wu, Shengyi Li


A CuO nanowire infrared photodetector
Pages 207-211
S.B. Wang, C.H. Hsiao, S.J. Chang, K.T. Lam, K.H. Wen, S.C. Hung, S.J. Young, B.R. Huang


Low-frequency noise in planar Hall effect bridge sensors
Pages 212-218
A. Persson, R.S. Bejhed, H. Nguyen, K. Gunnarsson, B.T. Dalslet, F.W. Østerberg, M.F. Hansen, P. Svedlindh


Tapered plastic multimode fiber sensor for salinity detection
Pages 219-222
H.A. Rahman, S.W. Harun, M. Yasin, S.W. Phang, S.S.A. Damanhuri, H. Arof, H. Ahmad

 Materials & Technology Section


Piezoelectric properties of microfabricated (K,Na)NbO3thin films
Pages 223-227
Yu Wakasa, Isaku Kanno, Ryuji Yokokawa, Hidetoshi Kotera, Kenji Shibata, Tomoyoshi Mishima


Microscale surface thermometry using SU8/Rhodamine-B thin layer
Pages 228-232
Woonseop Jung, Young Won Kim, Dongwook Yim, Jung Yul Yoo


Nanotextured superhydrophobic micromesh
Pages 233-240
Sang Min Lee, Jae Hwa Song, Phill Gu Jung, Dong Hyo Jang, Min Seong Kim, Weui Bong Jeong, Byung Min Kim, Jong Soo Ko


Fabrication of ultraviolet photoconductive sensor using a novel aluminium-doped zinc oxide nanorod–nanoflake network thin film prepared via ultrasonic-assisted sol–gel and immersion methods
Pages 241-247
M.H. Mamat, Z. Khusaimi, M.Z. Musa, M.F. Malek, M. Rusop


Giant room-temperature magnetocapacitance in Terfenol-D/PZT/Terfenol-D trilayer composites
Pages 248-251
Wei Wang, XiaoBin Luo, Ning Zhang, QingYu Ma


Oriented growth of A2Te3(A = Sb, Bi) films and their devices with enhanced thermoelectric performance
Pages 252-259
Ming Tan, Yao Wang, Yuan Deng, Zhiwei Zhang, Bingwei Luo, Junyou Yang, Yibin Xu

Actuator Section


Modeling characterization and optimization design for PZT transducer used in Near Field Acoustic Levitation
Pages 260-265
Jin Li, Pinkuan Liu, Han Ding, Wenwu Cao


Electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting device optimization by synchronous energy extraction
Pages 266-273
E. Arroyo, A. Badel


Design, fabrication and characterization of a high fill-factor micromirror array for wavelength selective switch applications
Pages 274-282
Sihua Li, Jing Xu, Shaolong Zhong, Yaming Wu


Design and evaluation of orifice arrangement for particle-excitation flow control valve
Pages 283-291
Daisuke Hirooka, Koichi Suzumori, Takefumi Kanda


Metal-electrode-sandwiched quartz crystal-based oscillator as proximity sensor
Pages 292-296
Wen-Teng Chang


Study of an innovative one-sided actuating piezoelectric valveless micropump with a secondary chamber
Pages 297-305
H.K. Ma, H.C. Su, J.Y. Wu


Interferometric study of reliability of microcantilevers driven by AlN sandwiched between two metal layers
Pages 306-316
K. Krupa, C. Gorecki, R. Jóźwicki, M. Józwik, A. Andrei


Acoustically generated flows in microchannel flexural plate wave sensors: Effects of compressibility
Pages 317-323
Ersin Sayar, Bakhtier Farouk


Sorption characterization and actuation of a gas-gap heat switch
Pages 324-331
D. Martins, L. Ribeiro, D. Lopes, I. Catarino, I.A.A.C. Esteves, J.P.B. Mota, G. Bonfait


Preparation and characterization of unimorph actuators based on piezoelectric Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3materials
Pages 332-339
Yi Yin, Hui Ye, Wenbo Zhan, Liang Hong, Haimin Ma, Jian Xu

Micromechanics Section


A two dimensional vision-based force sensor for microrobotic applications
Pages 340-351
David J. Cappelleri, Gianluca Piazza, Vijay Kumar


New approach of frequency tuning for kinetic energy harvesters
Pages 352-360
Joerg Schaufuss, Dirk Scheibner, Jan Mehner


Characterization of synchronization in a unidirectionally coupled system of nonlinear micromechanical resonators
Pages 361-369
Suketu Naik, Takashi Hikihara, Antonio Palacios, Visarath In, Huy Vu, Patrick Longhini


Static pull-in analysis of microcantilevers based on the modified couple stress theory
Pages 370-374
M. Rahaeifard, M.H. Kahrobaiyan, M. Asghari, M.T. Ahmadian


Quantifying adsorbed water monolayers on silicon MEMS resonators exposed to humid environments
Pages 375-380
P.-O. Theillet, O.N. Pierron


A precise model for the shape of an adhered microcantilever
Pages 381-390
Yin Zhang, Ya-pu Zhao

Systems/Applications Section


Class-E self-oscillation for the transmission of wireless power to implants
Pages 391-397
Anthony N. Laskovski, Mehmet R. Yuce


Development of wireless sensor network for combustible gas monitoring
Pages 398-405
Andrey Somov, Alexander Baranov, Alexey Savkin, Denis Spirjakin, Andrey Spirjakin, Roberto Passerone


Development of an AC electrokinetics-based immunoassay system for on-site serodiagnosis of infectious diseases
Pages 406-413
Xiaozhu Liu, Kai Yang, Ashutosh Wadhwa, Shigetoshi Eda, Shanshan Li, Jie Wu


A wireless and passive wafer cleanliness monitoring unit via electromagnetic coupling for semicondutcor/MEMS manufacturing facilities
Pages 414-420
Xu Zhang, Junseok Chae


Dynamic localization based on spatial reasoning with RSSI in wireless sensor networks for transport logistics
Pages 421-428
Xinwei Wang, Shaoping Yuan, Rainer Laur, Walter Lang


Enhanced locomotive and drilling microrobot using precessional and gradient magnetic field
Pages 429-435
Semi Jeong, Hyunchul Choi, Kyoungrae Cha, Jie Li, Jong-oh Park, Sukho Park

Technology Section


The effect of isopropyl alcohol concentration on the etching process of Si-substrates in KOH solutions
Pages 436-445
Irena Zubel, Krzysztof Rola, Małgorzata Kramkowska

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