ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.172/1



Date: December 2011



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Pages i-


Special issue of the Eurosensors XXIV conference, September 5–8, 2010, Linz, Austria
Pages 1-
Bernhard Jakoby, Michael J. Vellekoop

Physical section


Surface patterned polymer micro-cantilever arrays for sensing
Pages 2-8
Prabitha Urwyler, Helmut Schift, Jens Gobrecht, Oskar Häfeli, Mirco Altana, Felice Battiston, Bert Müller


Hydrogen gas sensing properties of Pt/Ta2O5Schottky diodes based on Si and SiC substrates
Pages 9-14
J. Yu, G. Chen, C.X. Li, M. Shafiei, J.Z. Ou, J. du Plessis, K. Kalantar-zadeh, P.T. Lai, W. Wlodarski


Response time of thermal flow sensors with air as fluid
Pages 15-20
C. Sosna, T. Walter, W. Lang


Miniaturized ceramic differential scanning calorimeter with integrated oven and crucible in LTCC technology
Pages 21-26
Wjatscheslaw Missal, Jaroslaw Kita, Eberhard Wappler, Frieder Gora, Annette Kipka, Thomas Bartnitzek, Franz Bechtold, Dirk Schabbel, Beate Pawlowski, Ralf Moos


Analytical and numerical modelling of AlGaN/GaN/AlN heterostructure based cantilevers for mechanical sensing in harsh environments
Pages 27-34
S. Vittoz, L. Rufer, G. Rehder, U. Heinle, P. Benkart


Optical demultiplexer device operating in the visible spectrum
Pages 35-39
P. Louro, M. Vieira, M.A. Vieira, J. Costa, M. Fernandes


A straightforward determination of fluid viscosity and density using microcantilevers: From experimental data to analytical expressions
Pages 40-46
M. Youssry, N. Belmiloud, B. Caillard, C. Ayela, C. Pellet, I. Dufour


Pull-in-based μg-resolution accelerometer: Characterization and noise analysis
Pages 47-53
Rosana A. Dias, Edmond Cretu, Reinoud Wolffenbuttel, Luis A. Rocha


Micro and nano-platforms for biological cell analysis
Pages 54-60
W.E. Svendsen, J. Castillo-León, J.M. Lange, L. Sasso, M.H. Olsen, M. Abaddi, L. Andresen, S. Levinsen, P. Shah, I. Vedarethinam, M. Dimaki


NEMS diaphragm sensors integrated with triple-nano-ring resonator
Pages 61-68
Bo Li, Chengkuo Lee


A digital PLL circuit for resonator sensors
Pages 69-74
J.K. Sell, A.O. Niedermayer, B. Jakoby


Miniature density–viscosity measurement cell utilizing electrodynamic-acoustic resonator sensors
Pages 75-81
Frieder Lucklum, Erwin K. Reichel, Bernhard Jakoby


A resonating rheometer using two polymer membranes for measuring liquid viscosity and mass density
Pages 82-87
M. Heinisch, E.K. Reichel, I. Dufour, B. Jakoby


Contactless inspection of planar electronic devices by capacitive coupling: Development of a model describing the sensor signal and its impact on signal post-processing
Pages 88-97
M. Koerdel, F. Alatas, A. Schick, S.J. Rupitsch, R. Lerch


AlGaN/GaN C-HEMT structures for dynamic stress detection
Pages 98-102
Gabriel Vanko, Milan Držík, Martin Vallo, Tibor Lalinský, Vladimír Kutiš, Stanislav Stančík, Ivan Rýger, Anna Benčurová


GMI detection of magnetic-particle concentration in continuous flow
Pages 103-108
A. García-Arribas, F. Martínez, E. Fernández, I. Ozaeta, G.V. Kurlyandskaya, A.V. Svalov, J. Berganzo, J.M. Barandiaran


Readout methods for an inductively coupled resonance sensor used in pressure garment application
Pages 109-116
Timo Salpavaara, Jarmo Verho, Pekka Kumpulainen, Jukka Lekkala


ZeptoFarad capacitance detection with a miniaturized CMOS current front-end for nanoscale sensors
Pages 117-123
Marco Carminati, Giorgio Ferrari, Filippo Guagliardo, Marco Sampietro


Electro-thermal simulation and characterization of preconcentration membranes
Pages 124-128
R. Inglés, J. Pallares, I. Gràcia, A.M. Gué, J.L. Ramirez


Modeling of an LFE piezoelectric fluid sensor as layered structure in the spectral domain
Pages 129-134
Thomas Voglhuber–Brunnmaier, Bernhard Jakoby


Ultra-low pressure sensor for neonatal resuscitator
Pages 135-139
C. Jacq, T. Maeder, E. Haemmerle, N. Craquelin, P. Ryser


Phototransistors for CMOS Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits
Pages 140-147
P. Kostov, K. Schneider-Hornstein, H. Zimmermann


Integrated metallic gauge in a piezoelectric cantilever
Pages 148-153
M. Cueff, E. Defaÿ, G. Le Rhun, P. Rey, F. Perruchot, A. Suhm, M. Aïd


A realtime and continuous assessment of cortisol in ISF using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 154-160
Manju Venugopal, Sunil K. Arya, Ganna Chornokur, Shekhar Bhansali


Utilizing a high fundamental frequency quartz crystal resonator as a biosensor in a digital microfluidic platform
Pages 161-168
Thomas Lederer, Brigitte P. Stehrer, Siegfried Bauer, Bernhard Jakoby, Wolfgang Hilber


High-sensitive pyroelectric detectors with internal thermal amplification
Pages 169-174
Yvonne Querner, Volkmar Norkus, Gerald Gerlach


An imaging system for real-time monitoring of adherently grown cells
Pages 175-180
Nicola Moscelli, Sander van den Driesche, Wojciech Witarski, Silvia Pastorekova, Michael J. Vellekoop


Characterization and simulation of Avalanche PhotoDiodes for next-generation colliders
Pages 181-188
A. Vilà, J. Trenado, A. Arbat, A. Comerma, D. Gascon, Ll. Garrido, A. Dieguez


Precision friction measurement between ultrathin wire and microprobe
Pages 189-194
M.A. Salam Akanda, H. Tohmyoh, M. Saka


Contactless electromagnetic switched interrogation of micromechanical cantilever resonators
Pages 195-203
M. Baù, E. Tonoli, V. Ferrari, D. Marioli


GaAs-based tuning fork microresonators: A first step towards a GaAs-based coriolis 3-axis Micro-Vibrating Rate Gyro (GaAs 3-axis μCVG)
Pages 204-211
I. Roland, S. Masson, O. Ducloux, O. Le Traon, A. Bosseboeuf


A microfluidic capacitance sensor for fluid discrimination and characterization
Pages 212-219
M. Demori, V. Ferrari, P. Poesio, D. Strazza

Interfaces Section


A novel, PLL-based frequency-to-digital conversion mechanism for sensor interfaces
Pages 220-227
H. Danneels, F. Piette, V. De Smedt, W. Dehaene, G. Gielen

Materials & Technology Section


Low-firing thick-film piezoresistive sensors for medical instruments
Pages 228-232
Thomas Maeder, Caroline Jacq, Peter Ryser


NEG thin films for under controlled atmosphere MEMS packaging
Pages 233-239
Lionel Tenchine, Xavier Baillin, Christel Faure, Pierre Nicolas, Eugénie Martinez, Anne-Marie Papon

Actuator Section


Wireless sensor node powered by aircraft specific thermoelectric energy harvesting
Pages 240-244
D. Samson, M. Kluge, Th. Becker, U. Schmid


Modeling and measurement of creep- and rate-dependent hysteresis in ferroelectric actuators
Pages 245-252
Felix Wolf, Alexander Sutor, Stefan J. Rupitsch, Reinhard Lerch


A multi-coil inductive powering system for an endoscopic capsule with vibratory actuation
Pages 253-258
R. Carta, M. Sfakiotakis, N. Pateromichelakis, J. Thoné, D.P. Tsakiris, R. Puers


Double permanent magnet vibration power generator for smart hip prosthesis
Pages 259-268
Raul Morais, Nuno M. Silva, Paulo M. Santos, Clara M. Frias, Jorge A.F. Ferreira, António M. Ramos, José A.O. Simões, José M.R. Baptista, Manuel C. Reis


Macromodel-based simulation and measurement of the dynamic pull-in of viscously damped RF-MEMS switches
Pages 269-279
Martin Niessner, Gabriele Schrag, Jacopo Iannacci, Gerhard Wachutka


Varifocal liquid lenses with integrated actuator, high focusing power and low operating voltage fabricated on 200 mm wafers
Pages 280-286
Arnaud Pouydebasque, Claudine Bridoux, Fabrice Jacquet, Stéphane Moreau, Eric Sage, Damien Saint-Patrice, Christophe Bouvier, Christophe Kopp, Gilles Marchand, Sébastien Bolis, Nicolas Sillon, Emmanuelle Vigier-Blanc


A single-magnet nonlinear piezoelectric converter for enhanced energy harvesting from random vibrations
Pages 287-292
M. Ferrari, M. Baù, M. Guizzetti, V. Ferrari


A design methodology for fully integrated MEMS and NEMS Pierce oscillators
Pages 293-300
G. Arndt, E. Colinet, J. Arcamone, J. Juillard

Systems/Applications Section


An FPGA-based versatile development system for endoscopic capsule design optimization
Pages 301-307
C. Cavallotti, P. Merlino, M. Vatteroni, P. Valdastri, A. Abramo, A. Menciassi, P. Dario


Characterization of blood samples using image processing techniques
Pages 308-314
Ana Ferraz, Vitor Carvalho, Filomena Soares, Celina P. Leão


A smart medication system using wireless sensor network technologies
Pages 315-321
Wen-Wei Chang, Tung-Jung Sung, Heng-Wei Huang, Wei-Chih Hsu, Chi-Wei Kuo, Jhe-Jhao Chang, Yi-Ting Hou, Yi-Chung Lan, Wen-Cheng Kuo, Yu-Yen Lin, Yao-Joe Yang


Acousto-capacitive tomography of liquid multiphase systems
Pages 322-329
Sebastian Wöckel, Ulrike Hempel, Jörg Auge



Dispensing and hermetic sealing Rb in a miniature reference cell for integrated atomic clocks
Pages 330-335
Fabrizio Vecchio, Vinu Venkatraman, Herbert R. Shea, Thomas Maeder, Peter Ryser


Fabrication of polymer-based micro devices: Formulation and study of the paste
Pages 336-340
Nathalie Serra, Thomas Maeder, Olivier Gentsch, Peter Ryser


Wafer-level bonding and direct electrical interconnection of stacked 3D MEMS by a hybrid low temperature process
Pages 341-346
S. Kühne, C. Hierold


Controlling the initial phase of PECVD growth of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers on TiN
Pages 347-358
Farzan A. Ghavanini, Maria Lopez-Damian, Damon Rafieian, Krister Svensson, Per Lundgren, Peter Enoksson

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