ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.178/1



Date: May 2012




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Physical Section



A computationally efficient numerical model of the offset of CMOS-integrated vertical Hall devices
Pages 1-9
T. Kaufmann, M.C. Vecchi, P. Ruther, O. Paul



Electromechanical performance of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/carbon nanotube composites for strain sensor applications
Pages 10-16
A. Ferrreira, J.G. Rocha, A. Ansón-Casaos, M.T. Martínez, F. Vaz, S. Lanceros-Mendez



Numerical study of a ferrule-top cantilever optical fiber sensor for wind-tunnel applications and comparison with experimental results
Pages 17-25
A. Cipullo, G. Gruca, K. Heeck, F. De Filippis, D. Iannuzzi, A. Minardo, L. Zeni



ZnO nanorods grown on polymer substrates as UV photodetectors
Pages 26-31
I-Chuan Yao, Tseung-Yuen Tseng, Pang Lin



Gold nano-particle-based thermal sensors fabricated using microspotting and DEP techniques
Pages 32-39
Siu Ling Leung, Minglin Li, Wen J. Li, John D. Mai



Design, fabrication and characterization of high temperature piezoelectric vibration sensor using YCOB crystals
Pages 40-48
Kyungrim Kim, Shujun Zhang, Giovanni Salazar, Xiaoning Jiang



Thermal conductivity detector compact Spice model based on experimental measurements and 3D simulations
Pages 49-56
F. Rastrello, P. Placidi, A. Scorzoni, E. Cozzani, M. Messina, I. Elmi, S. Zampolli, G.C. Cardinali



Variation in phase transformation paths of NiTi films as a function of film thickness
Pages 57-63
Ashvani Kumar, Devendra Singh, Davinder Kaur



High-speed CMOS magnetic angle sensor based on miniaturized circular vertical Hall devices
Pages 64-75
M. Banjevic, B. Furrer, M. Blagojevic, R.S. Popovic



Experimental and theoretical studies on MEMS piezoelectric vibrational energy harvesters with mass loading
Pages 76-87
Robert Andosca, T. Gus McDonald, Vincent Genova, Steven Rosenberg, Joseph Keating, Cole Benedixen, Junru Wu



Capacitive humidity sensors based on the dielectrophoretically manipulated ZnO nanorods
Pages 88-93
Leping Chen, Jian Zhang



A temperature sensor based on a MWCNT/SEBS nanocomposite

Pages 94-99
G. Matzeu, A. Pucci, S. Savi, M. Romanelli, F. Di Francesco



Torsion sensor based on the coil-less fluxgate effect
Pages 100-103
S. Atalay, N. Bayri, A. Fidan, F.E. Atalay, V. Yagmur


Materials & Technology Section



Non-contact temperature determination of embedded magnetic phases of hard coatings by exploitation of the magnetic hysteresis
Pages 104-109
Claas Thede, Steffen Chemnitz, Iulian Teliban, Christoph Bechtold, Christian Klever, Michael Stüber, Eckhard Quandt



Deposition and characterization of thick graded index SixOyFz films with low stress
Pages 110-117
Aron Michael, Abdullah Al Hafiz, Tom Puzzer, Chee Yee Kwok



Effects of wire properties on the field-tunable behaviour of continuous-microwire composites
Pages 118-125
F.X. Qin, H.X. Peng, M.H. Phan, L.V. Panina, M. Ipatov, A. Zhukov



Silicon anisotropic etching in TMAH solutions containing alcohol and surfactant additives
Pages 126-135
Irena Zubel, Małgorzata Kramkowska, Krzysztof Rola



Strain gauges fabricated by C+ ion implantation in bulk polymers

Pages 136-140
Giovanni Di Girolamo



Effects of UV and white light illuminations on photosensing properties of the 6,13-bis(triisopropylsilylethynyl)pentacene thin film transistor
Pages 141-153
Bayram Gunduz, Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu


Actuator Section



Deflection properties of a MEMS optical scanner with four torsion beams and L-shaped arms
Pages 154-163
Takayuki Iseki, Mikio Okumura, Takashi Sugawara, Minoru K. Kurosawa



Mechanical actuator for biomimetic propulsion and the effect of the caudal fin elasticity on the swimming performance
Pages 164-174
A. Apalkov, R. Fernández, J.G. Fontaine, T. Akinfiev, M. Armada



Enhanced thermomechanical properties of a nematic liquid crystal elastomer doped with gold nanoparticles
Pages 175-178
Reza Montazami, Christopher M. Spillmann, Jawad Naciri, Banahalli R. Ratna



Halbach array linear alternator for thermo-acoustic engine
Pages 179-187
C.R. Saha, Paul H. Riley, J. Paul, Z. Yu, A.J. Jaworski, C.M. Johnson



A miniaturized resonant-type smooth impact drive mechanism actuator
Pages 188-192
Takeshi Morita, Hiroaki Murakami, Takami Yokose, Hiroshi Hosaka



Electromechanical performance of piezoelectric scanning mirrors for medical endoscopy
Pages 193-201
Kristin H. Gilchrist, David E. Dausch, Sonia Grego



Principle of the rotation of small particles around a nodal point of strip in flexural vibration
Pages 202-208
Junhui Hu, Xiaobo Zhu, Yujie Zhou, Ning Li



A new tactile stimulator using a planar coil type actuator
Pages 209-216
Hyung-Sik Kim, Mi-Hyun Choi, Hong-Won Yeon, Jae-Hoon Jun, Jeong-Han Yi, Jong-Rak Park, Dae-Woon Lim, Soon-Cheol Chung

Systems/Applications Section



Near field resonant inductive coupling to power electronic devices dispersed in water
Pages 217-222
Johannes Kuipers, Harry Bruning, Simon Bakker, Huub Rijnaarts


Technology Section



A pixel based solidification model for projection based stereolithography technology
Pages 223-229
Hyun-Wook Kang, Jeong Hun Park, Dong-Woo Cho



Fabrication of elastomeric high-aspect-ratio microstructures using polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) double casting technique
Pages 230-236
Guocheng Shao, Jiahao Wu, Ziliang Cai, Wanjun Wang

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