ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.179/1



Date: May 2012




Editorial Board


Physical Section



Fiber Bragg grating-tuned feedback laser flow sensor system

Pages 1-4
Kyung-Rak Sohn



Design and fabrication of SMS fiber refractometer for liquid

Pages 5-9
R.X. Gao, W.J. Liu, Y.Y. Wang, Q. Wang, F. Zhao, S.L. Qu



A GaAs MEMS for AFM and spin injection

Pages 10-16
Steve Arscott, Emilien Peytavit, Dominique Deresmes, Thomas Dargent, Duong Vu, Alistair C.H. Rowe, Daniel Paget



A review of tactile sensing technologies with applications in biomedical engineering

Pages 17-31
Mohsin I. Tiwana, Stephen J. Redmond, Nigel H. Lovell



Biosensor platform based on stress-improved piezoelectric membrane

Pages 32-38
Xu Lu, Qiushi Guo, Zhuo Xu, Wei Ren, Z.-Y. Cheng



Responsivity and noise of a wire-bonded CMOS micro-fluxgate sensor

Pages 39-43
Chih-Cheng Lu, Yu-Ting Liu, Fang-Yu Jhao, Jen-Tzong Jeng



Low-humidity sensing properties of PAMAM dendrimer and PAMAMĖAu nanoparticles measured by a quartz-crystal microbalance

Pages 44-49
Pi-Guey Su, Wen-Hau Tzou



Thick film resistors on stainless steel as sensing elements for strain sensor applications

Pages 50-55
Zongyang Zhang, Min Jin, Sheng Liu



A polymer foil non-contact IR temperature sensor with a thermoresistor integrated on the back of a vertically configured thermopile

Pages 56-61
Fang Mao, Mikael Lindeberg, Klas Hjort, Lena Klintberg



Flexible microfluidic normal force sensor skin for tactile feedback

Pages 62-69
Ruben D. Ponce Wong, Jonathan D. Posner, Veronica J. Santos



Investigation on standing wave vibration of the imperfect resonant shell for cylindrical gyro

Pages 70-77
Xiang Xi, Yulie Wu, Xiaomei Wu, Yi Tao, Xuezhong Wu



Geomagnetic sensors based on Metglas/PZT laminates

Pages 78-82
D.T. Huong Giang, P.A. Duc, N.T. Ngoc, N.H. Duc



Carbon nanotube polymer coatings for textile yarns with good strain sensing capability

Pages 83-91
Rui Zhang, Hua Deng, Renata Valenca, Junhong Jin, Qiang Fu, Emiliano Bilotti, Ton Peijs



Magnetic flux vertical motion modulation for 1/f noise reduction of magnetic tunnel junctions

Pages 92-97
Mengchun Pan, Jiafei Hu, Wugang Tian, Dixiang Chen, Jianqiang Zhao



Gas sensing properties of RF magnetron sputtered MgIn2O4 thin films

Pages 98-104
B. Anuradha, C. Sanjeeviraja


Interfaces Section



Direct analog-to-microcontroller interfacing

Pages 105-113
Lars Bengtsson


Materials & Technology Section



The synthesis of poly(vinyl cinnamates) with light-induced shape fixity properties

Pages 114-120
Haiyan Du, Junhua Zhang




PMN-PTĖPZT composite films for high frequency ultrasonic transducer applications

Pages 121-124
Hsiu-Sheng Hsu, Vatcharee Benjauthrit, Fan Zheng, Rumin Chen, Yuhong Huang, Qifa Zhou, K. Kirk Shung




Characterization of inverted pyramidal hollow cathode microplasma devices operating in reactive gases for maskless scanning plasma etching

Pages 125-131
Li Wen, Zhen Yuan, Leili Cheng, Hai Wang, Jiaru Chu




Power-generation performance of lead-free (K,Na)NbO3 piezoelectric thin-film energy harvesters

Pages 132-136
Isaku Kanno, Tomoharu Ichida, Kazuhiko Adachi, Hidetoshi Kotera, Kenji Shibata, Tomoyoshi Mishima



Frequency-tunable soft composite antennas for wireless sensing

Pages 137-145
Qing-Yuan Tang, Yong-Mei Pan, Y.C. Chan, K.W. Leung



Temperature-sensitive chemical cell based on Nickel (II) phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt

Pages 146-150
Zubair Ahmad, Shahino Mah Abdullah, Khaulah Sulaiman


Actuator Section



A compact dielectric elastomer tubular actuator for refreshable Braille displays

Pages 151-157
P. Chakraborti, H.A. Karahan Toprakci, P. Yang, N. Di Spigna, P. Franzon, T. Ghosh



RF/baseband co-design of switching receivers for multiband microwave energy harvesting

Pages 158-168
Alessandra Costanzo, Aldo Romani, Diego Masotti, Nicola Arbizzani, Vittorio Rizzoli



Electrostrictive bending actuators: Modeling and experimental investigation

Pages 169-177
MickaŽl Lallart, Claude Richard, Pisan Sukwisut, Lionel Petit, Daniel Guyomar, Nantakan Muensit



Design and characterization of miniature piezoelectric generators with low resonant frequency

Pages 178-184
Ziping Cao, Jinya Zhang, Hiroki Kuwano



A model for the energy harvesting performance of shear mode piezoelectric cantilever

Pages 185-192
L. Zhou, J. Sun, X.J. Zheng, S.F. Deng, J.H. Zhao, S.T. Peng, Y. Zhang, X.Y. Wang, H.B. Cheng



Large stroke and nanometer-resolution giant magnetostrictive assembled actuator for driving segmented mirrors in very large astronomical telescopes

Pages 193-203
Bin-tang Yang, De-hua Yang, Peng-you Xu, Yu-dong Cao, Zhi-qiang Feng, Guang Meng



A new acoustic transducer with a pressure-deformed piezoelectric diaphragm

Pages 204-210
Andrew S. Wixom, Michael J. Anderson, David F. Bahr, Dylan J. Morris



Effective hydraulic resistance of actuator nozzle generating a periodic jet

Pages 211-222
V. Tesař

Micromechanics Section



Nanoforce estimation based on Kalman filtering and applied to a force sensor using diamagnetic levitation

Pages 223-236
Emmanuel Piat, JoŽl Abadie, Stťphane Oster



Effects of electron beam induced carbon deposition on the mechanical properties of a micromechanical oscillator

Pages 237-241
Stav Zaitsev, Oleg Shtempluck, Eyal Buks



A microlens array on curved substrates by 3D micro projection and reflow process

Pages 242-250
Hao Zhang, Lei Li, David L. McCray, Donggang Yao, Allen Y. Yi



Statistical characterization of fatigue lifetime of polysilicon thin films

Pages 251-262
Vu Le Huy, Joao Gaspar, Oliver Paul, Shoji Kamiya



Monolithically integrated out-of-plane micro-mirror

Pages 263-276
Aron Michael, Chee Yee Kwok



High-temperature piezoresistive pressure sensor based on implantation of oxygen into silicon wafer

Pages 277-282
Xin Li, Qin Liu, Shixin Pang, Kaixian Xu, Hui Tang, Chensong Sun



Static and dynamic characterization of pull-in protected CMOS compatible poly-SiGe grating light valves

Pages 283-290
S. Rudra, J. De Coster, R. Van Hoof, G. Bryce, S. Severi, A. Witvrouw, D. Van Thourhout



A novel capacitive accelerometer with a highly symmetrical double-sided beam-mass structure

Pages 291-296
Xiao feng Zhou, Lufeng Che, Bin Xiong, Xiaolin Li, Jian Wu, Yuelin Wang


Systems/Applications Section



Wearable obstacle detection system fully integrated to textile structures for visually impaired people

Pages 297-311
Senem Kursun Bahadir, Vladan Koncar, Fatma Kalaoglu



Synchronous correction of two three-axis magnetometers using FLANN

Pages 312-318
Huang Yu, Sun Feng, Wu Li-hua



An approach to object recognition using CTFM sensing

Pages 319-327
Patricia Worth, Phillip McKerrow



Haptic controlled three degree-of-freedom microgripper system for assembly of detachable surface-micromachined MEMS

Pages 328-336
Ashwin P. Vijayasai, Ganapathy Sivakumar, Matthew Mulsow, Shelby Lacouture, Alex Holness, Tim E. Dallas, Member IEEE

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