ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.184/1



Date: September 2012




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General Section



Long-gage optical fiber extensometers for dynamic evaluation of structures

Pages 1-15
G. Cumunel, S. Delepine-Lesoille, P. Argoul

Physical Section



A robust pressure sensor for harsh environmental applications

Pages 16-21
S. Fricke, A. Friedberger, H. Seidel, U. Schmid



Research on fiber optic temperature sensor using a novel high-birefringent fiber loop mirror with a reflection probe

Pages 22-27
Yong Zhao, Ting-ting Song, Di Wu, Qi Wang



Research on the lift-off effect of generating longitudinal guided waves in pipes based on magnetostrictive effect

Pages 28-33
Jiang Xu, Zhiyuan Xu, Xinjun Wu



Surface acoustic wave ultraviolet detector based on zinc oxide nanowire sensing layer

Pages 34-40
Wenbo Peng, Yongning He, Changbao Wen, Ke Ma



Upside down T-shape through-wafer interconnects for fully tileable photodiode matrix for medical CT imaging

Pages 41-45
Mikko Juntunen, Fan Ji, Iiro Hietanen, Simo Eränen



Development of a mirror mounted fiber optic inclinometer

Pages 46-52
Yeon-Gwan Lee, Hong-Kyu Jang, Dae-Hyun Kim, Chun-Gon Kim



Experimental research of optical fiber sensor for salinity measurement

Pages 53-56
Jiyuan Wang, Baoxue Chen



Fabric pressure sensor array fabricated with die-coating and weaving techniques

Pages 57-63
Seiichi Takamatsu, Takeshi Kobayashi, Norihisa Shibayama, Koji Miyake, Toshihiro Itoh



Finite element modeling of conical acoustic emission sensors and corresponding experiments

Pages 64-71
Markus G.R. Sause, Marvin A. Hamstad, Siegfried Horn



Field annealed closed-path fluxgate sensors made of metallic-glass ribbons

Pages 72-77
Pavol Butvin, Michal Janošek, Pavel Ripka, Beata Butvinová, Peter Švec Sr., Marek Kuzminski, Peter Švec Jr., Dušan Janičkovič, Gabriel Vlasák



Frequency detection in vortex flowmeter for low Reynolds number using piezoelectric sensor and installation effects

Pages 78-85
A. Venugopal, Amit Agrawal, S.V. Prabhu



Wireless strain measurement using circular microstrip patch antennas

Pages 86-92
Ali Daliri, Amir Galehdar, Sabu John, Chun H. Wang, Wayne S.T. Rowe, Kamran Ghorbani



Evanescent-field fiber sensor for the water content in lubricating oils with sensitivity increase by dielectrophoresis

Pages 93-97
Markus Holzki, Henning Fouckhardt, Thomas Klotzbücher



Flow structure generated by two synthetic jets in a channel: Effect of phase and frequency

Pages 98-111
A. Lee, G.H. Yeoh, V. Timchenko, J.A. Reizes

Interfaces Section



Electronic driver with amplitude and quality factor control to adjust the response of quartz tuning fork sensors in atomic force microscopy applications

Pages 112-118
Laura González, Jorge Otero, Gonzalo Cabezas, Manel Puig-Vidal

Materials and Technology Section



Pore size dependence of PtSi/Porous Si Schottky barrier detectors on quantum efficiency response

Pages 119-123
Hamed Mehrara, Alireza Erfanian, Mahdi Khaje, Mohammad Zahedinejad, Farshid Raissi, Farshad Rezvani



Fabrication of flexible device based on PAN-PZT thin films by laser lift-off process

Pages 124-127
Young Ho Do, Min Gyu Kang, Jin Sang Kim, Chong Yun Kang, Seok Jin Yoon



Platinum porphyrin and luminescent polymer for two-color pressure- and temperature-sensing probes

Pages 128-133
Yoshimi Iijima, Hirotaka Sakaue

Actuator Section



An ultrasonic motor for cryogenic temperature using bolt-clamped Langevin-type transducer

Pages 134-140
Daisuke Yamaguchi, Takefumi Kanda, Koichi Suzumori



Optimization of piezoelectric ultrasound emitter transducers for underwater communications

Pages 141-148
M. Martins, V. Correia, J.M. Cabral, S. Lanceros-Mendez, J.G. Rocha



Investigation of piezoelectric driven MEMS mirrors based on single and double S-shaped PZT actuator for 2-D scanning applications

Pages 149-159
Kah How Koh, Takeshi Kobayashi, Chengkuo Lee

Michromechanics Section



A method for open-loop control of dynamic motions of piezo-stack actuators

Pages 160-172
B. Arda Gozen, O. Burak Ozdoganlar

Systems/Applications Section



Towards the development of a downhole optical voltage sensor for monitoring electrical submersible pumps

Pages 173-181
G. Fusiek, P. Niewczas, M.D. Judd



A miniaturized composite impact monitor and its evaluation research

Pages 182-192
Shenfang Yuan, Peipei Liu, Lei Qiu

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