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Selected Papers presented at Eurosensors XXV, Athens, Greece, 4-7 September 2011

Edited by Paddy French



Date: October 2012




Editorial Board

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Editorial Section



Preface—“Laudatio for Professor Arnaldo D’Amico”

Page 1
Christofer Hierold, Maximilian Fleischer



A walk down memory lane of 25 years of Eurosensors conferences

Pages 2-8
Robert Puers




Pages 9-10
Arnaldo D’Amico



25th Anniversary Eurosensors XXV

Pages 11-12
Christos Tsamis, Grigoris Kaltsas



Eurosensors Conference

Page 13
Christofer Hierold, Maximilian Fleischer

Obituary Section



Last goodbye to Ernst Obermeier

Page 14
Maximilian Fleischer, Christofer Hierold, on behalf of the International Steering Committee of EUROSENSORS


Physical Section



System-level circuit simulation of nonlinearity in micromechanical resonators

Pages 15-20
Haoshen Zhu, Joshua E.-Y. Lee



Selective detection of hazardous VOCs using zeolite/Metglas composite sensors

Pages 21-31
Theodoros Baimpos, Leszek Gora, Vladimiros Nikolakis, Dimitris Kouzoudis



Tactile sensor array using microcantilever with nickel–chromium alloy thin film of low temperature coefficient of resistance and its application to slippage detection

Pages 32-37
Masayuki Sohgawa, Daiki Hirashima, Yusuke Moriguchi, Tatsuya Uematsu, Wataru Mito, Takeshi Kanashima, Masanori Okuyama, Haruo Noma



Efficient spectral domain formulation of loading effects in acoustic sensors

Pages 38-47
Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier, Bernhard Jakoby



Optimization of a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor using Lorentz force actuation

Pages 48-53
J. Groenesteijn, T.S.J. Lammerink, R.J. Wiegerink, J. Haneveld, J.C. Lötters



Contactless inspection of electrically isolated electronic components of planar electronic devices by capacitive coupling

Pages 54-62
M. Koerdel, F. Alatas, A. Schick, S.J. Rupitsch, R. Lerch



Two axis optoelectronic tactile shear stress sensor

Pages 63-68
Jeroen Missinne, Erwin Bosman, Bram Van Hoe, Rik Verplancke, Geert Van Steenberge, Sandeep Kalathimekkad, Peter Van Daele, Jan Vanfleteren



Passive Wireless Sensing of Micro coil parameters in fluidic environments

Pages 69-79
A. Yousaf, F.A. Khan, L.M Reindl



Suspended submicron silicon-beam for high sensitivity piezoresistive force sensing cantilevers

Pages 80-85
Jia Wei, Sabrina Magnani, Pasqualina M. Sarro



6 DOF force and torque sensor for micro-manipulation applications

Pages 86-93
P. Estevez, J.M. Bank, M. Porta, J. Wei, P.M. Sarro, M. Tichem, U. Staufer



Sensing the characteristic acoustic impedance of a fluid utilizing acoustic pressure waves

Pages 94-99
Hannes Antlinger, Stefan Clara, Roman Beigelbeck, Samir Cerimovic, Franz Keplinger, Bernhard Jakoby



AMR gradiometer for mine detection

Pages 100-104
Jan Vyhnánek, Michal Janošek, Pavel Ripka



Time of flow sensor with a flow parallel wire

Pages 105-110
C. Gerhardy, W.K. Schomburg



Tunable resonators in the low kHz range for viscosity sensing

Pages 111-117
M. Heinisch, E.K. Reichel, I. Dufour, B. Jakoby



2D phononic crystal sensor with normal incidence of sound

Pages 118-124
M. Zubtsov, R. Lucklum, M. Ke, A. Oseev, R. Grundmann, B. Henning, U. Hempel



Piezo-thermal probe array for high throughput applications

Pages 125-129
Angelo Gaitas, Paddy French



Microneedle-based electrodes with integrated through-silicon via for biopotential recording

Pages 130-136
Conor O’Mahony, Francesco Pini, Alan Blake, Carlo Webster, Joe O’Brien, Kevin G. McCarthy



A magnetic distance sensor with high precision

Pages 137-142
A. Zikmund, P. Ripka



DEMUX devices based on a-SiC:H

Pages 143-147
A. Fantoni, P. Louro, M.A. Vieira, T. Silva, M. Vieira



An evaluation study of nanoparticle films as biomimetic tactile sensors

Pages 148-153
Darren Alvares, Lech Wieczorek, Burkhard Raguse, François Ladouceur, Nigel H. Lovell


Interfaces Section



Novel band-pass sliding mode control for driving MEMS-based resonators

Pages 154-162
Elie H. Sarraf, Mrigank Sharma, Edmond Cretu



A gated single-photon avalanche diode array fabricated in a conventional CMOS process for triggered systems

Pages 163-168
E. Vilella, A. Diéguez



Multi stage noise shaping sigma–delta modulator (MASH) for capacitive MEMS accelerometers

Pages 169-177
Bader Almutairi, Michael Kraft

Materials and Technology Section



Twofold SRO films: Investigation of the photoelectric properties of MOS-like structures

Pages 178-183
J.A. Luna López, J. Carrillo López, A. Morales Sánchez, M. García Ortega, D.E. Vázquez Valerdi, G. Garcia Salgado



Development and fabrication of a novel photopatternable electric responsive Pluronic hydrogel for MEMS applications

Pages 184-190
T. Guan, F. Godts, F. Ceyssens, E. Vanderleyden, K. Adesanya, P. Dubruel, H.P. Neves, R. Puers



Stretchable and conformable metal–polymer piezoresistive hybrid system

Pages 191-197
G. Canavese, S. Stassi, M. Stralla, C. Bignardi, C.F. Pirri



Piezoresistive effect in epoxy–graphite composites

Pages 198-202
N. Serra, T. Maeder, P. Ryser



A buried vertical filter for micro and nanoparticle filtration

Pages 203-209
S.J. Li, C. Shen, P.M. Sarro



Long-term mechanical reliability of ceramic thick-film circuits and mechanical sensors under static load

Pages 210-218
Thomas Maeder, Caroline Jacq, Peter Ryser



Non-destructive technique to detect local buried defects in metal sample by scanning microwave microscopy

Pages 219-222
J. Rossignol, C. Plassard, E. Bourillot, O. Calonne, M. Foucault, E. Lesniewska


Actuator Section



A generalized Preisach approach for piezoceramic materials incorporating uniaxial compressive stress

Pages 223-229
Felix Wolf, Alexander Sutor, Stefan J. Rupitsch, Reinhard Lerch



Numerical and analytical modelling of holed MEMS resonators

Pages 230-235
Y. Civet, F. Casset, J.F. Carpentier, S. Basrour



An array of 100 μm × 100 μm dielectric elastomer actuators with 80% strain for tissue engineering applications

Pages 236-241
Samin Akbari, Herbert R. Shea



Piezoelectric MEMS-based wideband energy harvesting systems using a frequency-up-conversion cantilever stopper

Pages 242-248
Huicong Liu, Chengkuo Lee, Takeshi Kobayashi, Cho Jui Tay, Chenggen Quan



Flexible, electrostatic microfluidic actuators based on thin film fabrication

Pages 249-256
Mihai Patrascu, Javier Gonzalo-Ruiz, Martijn Goedbloed, Sywert H. Brongersma, Mercedes Crego-Calama


Micromechanics Section



Direct inference of parameters for piezoresistive micromechanical resonators embedded in feedthrough

Pages 257-263
Joshua E.-Y. Lee, Yuanjie Xu



Micromachined ridge gap waveguide and resonator for millimeter-wave applications

Pages 264-269
S. Rahiminejad, A.U. Zaman, E. Pucci, H. Raza, V. Vassilev, S. Haasl, P. Lundgren, P.-S. Kildal, P. Enoksson

System/Applications System



A wireless module for vibratory motor control and inertial sensing in capsule endoscopy

Pages 270-276
G. Ciuti, N. Pateromichelakis, M. Sfakiotakis, P. Valdastri, A. Menciassi, D.P. Tsakiris, P. Dario



Wireless sensors network based safe home to care elderly people: Behaviour detection

Pages 277-283
N.K. Suryadevara, A. Gaddam, R.K. Rayudu, S.C. Mukhopadhyay



A RF power harvester with integrated antenna capable of operating near ground planes

Pages 284-288
Panagiotis Broutas, Harry Contopanagos, Dimitrios Tsoukalas, Stavros Chatzandroulis


Technology Section



A Parylene temporary packaging technique for MEMS wafer handling

Pages 289-297
L. Wen, K. Wouters, F. Ceyssens, A. Witvrouw, R. Puers

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