ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 69 / 3


Optimization of an integrated SnO2 gas sensor using a FEM simulator
Astie' , S. pp.: 205-211

An analytical analysis of a compressed bistable buckled beam
Vangbo , Mattias pp.: 212-216

In-plane degree of freedom optical waveguide displacement sensors based on geometrical modulation
Haronian , Dan pp.: 217-225

Experimental proof that fluxgates operation is directly related to electric antennas theory
Kaplan , B.Z. pp.: 226-233

Bimorph-based piezoelectric air acoustic transducer: model
Kugel , V.D. pp.: 234-242

Smart ice detection systems based on resonant piezoelectric transducers
Roy , Shuvo pp.: 243-250

Etching simulation of convex and mixed InP and Si structures
Chahoud , M. pp.: 251-258

Design and fabrication of piezoceramic bimorph vibration sensors
Jung , Ibong pp.: 259-266

An integrated silicon capacitive microphone with frequency-modulated digital output
Pedersen , Michael pp.: 267-275



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