ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 70 / 1-2


Fabrication and experiment of a planar micro ion drag pump
Ahn , Si-Hong pp.: 1-5

Optical power induced damage to microelectromechanical mirrors
Burns , David M. pp.: 6-14

Multichip module packaging of microelectromechanical systems
Butler , Jeffrey T. pp.: 15-22

Electrothermal actuators fabricated in four-level planarized surface-micromachined polycrystalline silicon
Comtois , John H. pp.: 23-31

Compact analytical modeling of squeeze film damping with arbitrary venting conditions using a Green's function approach, Darling , Robert B. pp.: 32-41

Fabrication process of high aspect ratio elastic and SU-8 structures for piezoelectric motor applications
Dellmann , L. pp.: 42-47

PECVD silicon carbide as a chemically resistant material for micromachined transducers
Flannery , Anthony F. pp.: 48-55

Dynamic simulation of an electrostatic micropump with pull-in and hysteresis phenomena
Franc[cedil]ais , Olivier pp.: 56-60

Fabrication of multi-layer substrates for high aspect ratio single crystalline microstructures
Gui , C. pp.: 61-66

Theoretical and experimental study of linear motors using surface acoustic waves
He'lin , Philippe pp.: 67-74

Conformal coating by photoresist of sharp corners of anisotropically etched through-holes in silicon
Heschel , Matthias pp.: 75-80

Micronozzle/diffuser flow and its application in micro valveless pumps
Jiang , X.N. pp.: 81-87

Bridge configuration of piezoresistive devices for scanning force microscopes
Jumpertz , R. pp.: 88-91

A compact and quick-response dynamic focusing lens 
Kaneko , Takashi pp.: 92-97

A novel micromachined pump based on thick-film piezoelectric actuation
Koch , Michael pp.: 98-103

Linear microactuators based on the shape memory effect
Kohl , M. pp.: 104-111

A triangular electrostatic comb array for micromechanical resonant frequency tuning
Lee , Ki Bang pp.: 112-117

Optimization-based synthesis of microresonators
Mukherjee , Tamal pp.: 118-127

A silicon microsuspension for disk drive applications 
Narbutovskih , M. pp.: 128-134

Design of a shape memory actuated endoscopic tip
Peirs , Jan pp.: 135-140

Realization, characterization of micro pyrotechnic actuators and FEM modelling of the combustion ignition
Rossi , Carole pp.: 141-147

Tensile testing of silicon film having different crystallographic orientations carried out on a silicon chip
Sato , Kazuo pp.: 148-152

AMANDA---low-cost production of microfluidic devices
Schomburg , W.K. pp.: 153-158

Thin Teflon-like films for eliminating adhesion in released polysilicon microstructures
Smith , Bradley K. pp.: 159-163

Low-temperature direct bonding of silicon and silicon dioxide by the surface activation method
Takagi , Hideki pp.: 164-170

Modeling, design and testing of the electrostatic shuffle motor
Tas , Niels pp.: 171-178

Silicon-to-silicon wafer bonding using evaporated glass
Weichel , Steen pp.: 179-184

Determination of the modification of Young's modulus due to Joule heating of polysilicon microstructures using U-shaped beams, Yang , E.H. pp.: 185-190

Low-cost PDMS seal ring for single-side wet etching of MEMS structures 
Brugger , J. pp.: 191-194

Polysilicon optical microscanners for laser scanning displays 
Kiang , Meng-Hsiung pp.: 195-199



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