ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 71 / 1-2


CMOS compatible temperature sensor based on the lateral bipolar transistor for very wide temperature range applications, Bianchi , R.A. pp.: 3-9

CMOS temperature sensors and built-in test circuitry for thermal testing of ICs
Sze'kely , V. pp.: 10-18

Thermo-optic effect exploitation in silicon microstructures
Cocorullo , Giuseppe pp.: 19-26

A temperature-controlled smart surface-acoustic-wave gas sensor
van der Meer , Paul R. pp.: 27-34

Vertically driven microactuators by electrothermal buckling effects
Lin , Liwei pp.: 35-39

Subsurface microscopy of biased metal-oxide--semiconductor field-effect-transistor structures: photothermal and electroreflectance images, Batista , J.A. pp.: 40-45

Lock-in contact thermography investigation of lateral electronic inhomogeneities in semiconductor devices
Breitenstein , O. pp.: 46-50

Application of inverse heat conduction methods in temperature monitoring of integrated circuits
Janicki , Marcin pp.: 51-57

Some critical conditions of the thermal breakdown in semiconductors
Somogyi , K. pp.: 58-62

Modelling solid-state linear X-ray sensors using a mixed-signal hardware description language
Borra`s , G. pp.: 63-69

Novel sapphire fiber thermometer using fluorescent decay
Shen , Yonghang pp.: 70-73

Parasitic charging of dielectric surfaces in capacitive microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Wibbeler , Ju"rgen pp.: 74-80

Silicon microchambers for DNA amplification
Daniel , J.H. pp.: 81-88

Piezoelectric and pyroelectric transient signal analysis for detection of the temperature of a contact object for robotic tactile sensing, Dargahi , J. pp.: 89-97

A low pressure micromachined flow modulator
Robertson , J.K. pp.: 98-106

Optimal design and noise considerations of CMOS compatible IR thermoelectric sensors
Socher , E. pp.: 107-115

New design of matching layers for high power and wide band ultrasonic transducers
Kim , Yeon pp.: 116-122

Silicon/glass wafer-to-wafer bonding with Ti/Ni intermediate bonding
Xiao , Zhi-Xiong pp.: 123-126

A study on the design of a shear wave ultrasonic transducer considering the effect of the side layer
Han , Kyohoon pp.: 127-132

The wafer flexure technique for the determination of the transverse piezoelectric coefficient (d31) of PZT thin films  
Shepard Jr. , J.F. pp.: 133-138

Improved preparation procedure and properties for a multilayer piezoelectric thick-film actuator
Yao , Kui pp.: 139-143

High aspect ratio polymer microstructures and cantilevers for bioMEMS using low energy ion beam and photolithography, Lee , L.P. pp.: 144-149

Piezoelectric cantilever voltage-to-frequency converter
Lee , Seung S. pp.: 153-157



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