ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 71 / 3

Application of aluminum films as temperature sensors for the compensation of output thermal shift of silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors, Stankevic[caron] , V. pp.: 161-166

New kind of fluxgate magnetometer probe with enhanced electronic processing
Cruz , Juan Carlos pp.: 167-171

Hot carrier Hall devices in CMOS technology
Janossy , Balazs pp.: 172-178

Enhancing central fringe identification using two optical beams with different power and wavelengths in white light interferometric sensing, Wang , Qi pp.: 179-182

Erbium-doped intrinsic fiber sensor for cryogenic temperature measurement
Zhang , Z.Y. pp.: 183-186

Flash evaporation of TiNi shape memory thin film for microactuators
Makino , Eiji pp.: 187-192

Ultra-high sensitivity intra-grain poly-diamond piezoresistors
Sahli , Sondes pp.: 193-197

A new hybrid technology for planar microtransformer fabrication
Dezuari , O. pp.: 198-207

Short carbon fiber reinforced epoxy coating as a piezoresistive strain sensor for cement mortar
Wang , Xiaojun pp.: 208-212

Optical micro encoder with sub-micron resolution using a VCSEL
Miyajima , Hiroshi pp.: 213-218

Fast and parallel read-out scheme for optimum display of an a-si:H image sensor
Siegordner , Jochen pp.: 219-222

Design and implementation of PCB-type capacitance displacement sensor collocated with magnetic bearings
Shin , Dongwon pp.: 223-229

Mass-producible monolithic silicon probes for scanning probe microscopes
Liu , Chang pp.: 233-237

Characterisation of pyramid formation arising from the TMAH etching of silicon
Choi , W.K. pp.: 238-243

Corrigendum to "Magnetoresistive thin film sensor for active RF power (Sensors and Actuators A 69 (1998) 21--26)''
Vountesmeri , V. pp.: 244-244



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