ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 1


Reflexions on the future of microsystems
Lang , Walter pp.: 1-15

Processing and interaction in robotics
Amigoni , Francesco pp.: 16-26
A linear multisensor for temperature and magnetic field based on diode structure
Roumenin , Ch.S. pp.: 27-31

Magnetic--acoustic--resonator sensors (MARS): a new sensing methodology
Stevenson , Adrian C. pp.: 32-37

The determination of the effective ambient temperature for thermal flow sensors in a non-isothermal environment 
van Oudheusden , B.W. pp.: 38-45

Silicon--glass wafer bonding with silicon hydrophilic fusion bonding technology
Xiao , Zhi-Xiong pp.: 46-48

Phenomenological model for gas-damping of micromechanical structures
Greywall , Dennis S. pp.: 49-70

Measurement errors in the scanning of piezoresistive sensors arrays
D'Alessio , Tommaso pp.: 71-76

Non-linear vibration behavior of thin multilayer diaphragms
Paneva , R. pp.: 79-87

Average power control and positioning of polysilicon thermal actuators
Butler , Jeffrey T. pp.: 88-97



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