ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 2


Fluid property investigation by impedance characterization of quartz crystal resonators Part I: Methodology, crystal screening, and Newtonian fluids, Nwankwo , E. pp.: 99-109

Electro-thermal modelling of infrared microemitters using PSPICE
Kiran , S. Ravi pp.: 110-114

CoMSaT: a single-chip fabrication technique for three-dimensional integrated fluid systems
Zou , Quanbo pp.: 115-124

Fabrication of glassy carbon microstructures by soft lithography
Schueller , Olivier J.A. pp.: 125-139

Stability study of carbon graphite covered quartz crystal
Kim , Jong-Min pp.: 140-147

Calibration and temperature compensation of silicon pressure sensors using ion-implanted trimming resistors
Lee , Bo-Na pp.: 148-152

Novel prevention method of stiction using silicon anodization for SOI structure
Matsumoto , Y. pp.: 153-159

Water glass bonding
Satoh , Akinobu pp.: 160-168

Self-sensing magnetic levitation using a LC resonant circuit
Choi , Changhwan pp.: 169-177

Self-excited piezoelectric PZT microcantilevers for dynamic SFM---with inherent sensing and actuating capabilities
Lee , Chengkuo pp.: 179-188

A new process for releasing micromechanical structures in surface micromachining with polysilicon support and LPCVD Si3N4 embedded mask, Xiao , Zhixiong pp.: 189-194



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