ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 3


Fluid property investigation by impedance characterization of quartz crystal resonators Part II: Parasitic effects, viscoelastic fluids, Nwankwo , E. pp.: 195-202

Impedance spectroscopy of protein polymer modified silicon micromachined probes
Athreya , Shankarram A. pp.: 203-216

A micromachined piezoresistive angular rate sensor with a composite beam structure
Li , Xinxin pp.: 217-223

Study on laser stripe sensor
Zhang , Jianxin pp.: 224-228

Dynamic analysis of a bimodal ultrasonic motor with initially stressed force onto the rotor
Fung , Rong-Fong pp.: 229-233

Dynamic behavior of ultra-thin polymer films deposited on surface acoustical wave devices
Ahuja , Aashish pp.: 234-241

Development of stress-optimised shape memory microvalves
Kohl , M. pp.: 243-250

Functional behavior of ceramic multilayer actuators with inactive parts
de Vries , J.W.C. pp.: 251-255

External control of dissipation in a nanometer-scale radiofrequency mechanical resonator
Cleland , A.N. pp.: 256-261

A new linear piezoelectric actuator for low voltage and large displacement applications
Carotenuto , Riccardo pp.: 262-268

A bellows-shape electrostatic microactuator
Minami , K. pp.: 269-276



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