ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 73 / 1-2


Dual-axis microgyroscope with closed-loop detection
An , S. pp.: 1-6

Thermal flow sensor for liquids and gases based on combinations of two principles
Ashauer , M. pp.: 7-13

3D microfabrication by combining microstereolithography and thick resist UV lithography
Bertsch , A. pp.: 14-23

Diamond replicas from microstructured silicon masters 
Bjo"rkman , H. pp.: 24-29

Mesoscale actuator device: micro interlocking mechanism to transfer macro load
Chen , Quanfang pp.: 30-36

A MEMS electrostatic particle transportation system
Desai , Amish pp.: 37-44 

A new silicon rate gyroscope
Geiger , W. pp.: 45-51

Experimental evaluation of anodic bonding process based on the Taguchi analysis of interfacial fracture toughness 
Go , Jeung Sang pp.: 52-57

Low power integrated pressure sensor system for medical applications
Hierold , C. pp.: 58-67

A novel silicon surface micromachining angle sensor
Kaienburg , Jo"rg R. pp.: 68-73

A micro cell lysis device
Lee , Sang-Wook pp.: 74-79

Sensors and actuators on non-planar substrates
Li , Wen J. pp.: 80-88

5*5 2D AFM cantilever arrays a first step towards a Terabit storage device
Lutwyche , M. pp.: 89-94

Fabrication of free standing structure using single step electrochemical etching in hydrofluoric acid
Ohji , H. pp.: 95-100

Laminar fluid behavior in microchannels using micropolar fluid theory
Papautsky , Ian pp.: 101-108

Capacitive type surface-micromachined silicon accelerometer with stiffness tuning capability
Park , Kyu-Yeon pp.: 109-116

Integrated silica micro-opto-electromechanical steering device for laser beam scanning
Petroz , Karine pp.: 117-121

Roughening of single-crystal silicon surface etched by KOH water solution
Sato , Kazuo pp.: 122-130

Anisotropic etching rates of single-crystal silicon for TMAH water solution as a function of crystallographic orientation 
Sato , Kazuo pp.: 131-137

Contact measurements providing basic design data for microrelay actuators
Schimkat , J. pp.: 138-143

Application of sol--gel deposited thin PZT film for actuation of 1D and 2D scanners 
Schroth , A. pp.: 144-152

A highly flexible design and production framework for modularized microelectromechanical systems
Schuenemann , M. pp.: 153-168

Flow control by using high-aspect-ratio, in-plane microactuators
Sherman , Faiz pp.: 169-175

Micromachining by ion track lithography
Thornell , Greger pp.: 176-183

Micromachined membrane particle filters
Yang , Xing pp.: 184-191



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