ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 74 / 1-3


Permalloy electroplating through photoresist molds
Quemper , Jean-Marie pp.: 1-4

Micromachining of an air-bridge structure using thin-films on glass substrates
Boucinha , M. pp.: 5-8

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition silicon oxynitride optimized for application in integrated optics
Wo"rhoff , K. pp.: 9-12

Recent advances in silicon etching for MEMS using the ASE process
Hynes , A.M. pp.: 13-17

Roughning and smoothing dynamics during KOH silicon etching
Divan , Ralu pp.: 18-23

Silicon elastomer as a protective layer in 3D microfabrication of micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems
Obreja , Paula pp.: 24-26

Multilayer structures deposited by laser ablation
Dinescu , M. pp.: 27-30

Femtosecond laser-based technology for fast development of micromechanical devices
Ba"hnisch , R. pp.: 31-34

Growth of piezoelectric thin films with fine grain microstructure by high energy pulsed laser deposition
Craciun , F. pp.: 35-40

Pulsed laser deposition of multilayer TiN/Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 for piezoelectric microdevices
Verardi , P. pp.: 41-44

Micromachining of magnetic materials
Kruusing , Arvi pp.: 45-51

Properties of SiOxNy films deposited by LPCVD from SiH4/N2O/NH3 gaseous mixture
Temple-Boyer , P. pp.: 52-55

A high temperature pressure sensor prepared by selective deposition of cubic silicon carbide on SOI substrates
Eickhoff , M. pp.: 56-59

Piezoelectric properties of PZT films for microcantilever
Cattan , E. pp.: 60-64

Low temperature crystallised Ti-rich NiTi shape memory alloy films for microactuators
Seguin , J.-L. pp.: 65-69

New metallurgical systems for electronic soldering applications
Gonc[cedil]alves , C. pp.: 70-76

Compositional gradient in and mechanical stability of RF-sputtered and RTA annealed Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films
Defay" , Emmanuel pp.: 77-80

Obtention and characterization of bioengineered layers onto silica-based microstructures
Falipou , S. pp.: 81-85

Microstructure of Cu--C interface in Cu-based metal matrix composite
Berner , A. pp.: 86-90

Some particular aspects of the thin membrane by boron diffusion processes
Manea , Elena pp.: 91-94

Permeated porous silicon for hydrocarbon sensor fabrication
Angelucci , R. pp.: 95-99

Thick oxidised porous silicon layers for the design of a biomedical thermal conductivity microsensor
Roussel , Ph. pp.: 100-103

Porous silicon technique for realization of surface micromachined silicon structures with large gaps
Artmann , Hans pp.: 104-108

Single step electrochemical etching in ammonium fluoride
Ohji , H. pp.: 109-112

Breaking the isotropy of porous silicon formation by means of current focusing
Zeitschel , A. pp.: 113-117

Galvanic porous silicon formation without external contacts
Ashruf , C.M.A. pp.: 118-122

Porous silicon as substrate for ion sensors
Ben Ali , M. pp.: 123-125

Evaluation of mechanical materials properties by means of surface micromachined structures
Schweitz , Jan-Aoke pp.: 126-133

Determination of micromechanical properties of thin films by beam bending measurements with an atomic force microscope
Serre , C. pp.: 134-138

The culture of neurons on silicon
Bayliss , S.C. pp.: 139-142

Characterization and modeling of a CMOS-compatible MEMS technology
Latorre , Laurent pp.: 143-147

Dynamic determination of Young's modulus of electroplated nickel used in LIGA technique
Majjad , H. pp.: 148-151

Characterization of the nonlinear optical properties of crystals by the SHEW technique
Kremer , R. pp.: 152-155

Scanning acoustic microscopy: a tool for measuring crosslinking gradients in photopolymer materials
Simonin , L. pp.: 156-160

Wafer bonding for microsystems technologies
Go"sele , U. pp.: 161-168

[beta]-SiC on SiO2 formed by ion implantation and bonding for micromechanics applications
Serre , C. pp.: 169-173

Effect of clamping conditions and built-in stresses on the thermopneumatic deflection of SiO2/Si membranes with various geometries
Malhaire , C. pp.: 174-177

Selection of materials for reduced stress packaging of a microsystem
Morrissey , A. pp.: 178-181

Silicon compatible materials for harsh environment sensors
Kroetz , Gerhard H. pp.: 182-189

Improved simulation for strongly coupled micro-electro-mechanical systems: resonant vacuum sensor optimization
Folkmer , B. pp.: 190-192

Optimizing photodiode arrays for the use as retinal implants
Schubert , M.B. pp.: 193-197

Microstructures of the monomorph piezoelectric ceramic actuators with functional gradients
Zhu , Xinhua pp.: 198-202

Micromachined switches for low electric loads
Hiltmann , K. pp.: 203-206

Micromachined chemical reaction system
Koch , M. pp.: 207-210
Pyrotechnic actuator: a new generation of Si integrated actuator
Rossi , Carole pp.: 211-215

Electrostatically actuated micromirror devices in silicon technology
Lang , W. pp.: 216-218

Microstructuring of organic layers for microsystems
Urban , G. pp.: 219-224

Integration of a sensitive material to a silicon-based device for CO detection
Renault , O. pp.: 225-228

Ozone detection using low-power-consumption metal--oxide gas sensors
Becker , Th. pp.: 229-232

Investigation of MIS gas sensitive structures with Pd and Pd/Cu metal layers
Litovchenko , V.G. pp.: 233-236

Mixed ionic--electronic conducting thin-films of CuBr: a new active component for gas sensors?
Seguin , J.-L. pp.: 237-241

NiTi thin films as a gate of M.O.S. capacity sensors
Bendahan , Marc pp.: 242-245

A thermoelectric converter for energy supply
Glosch , H. pp.: 246-250



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