ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 76 /1-3



Sub-pixel measurement of 3D surfaces by laser scanning,
M.A.G. Izquierdo, pp.1-8

New coupled-field device simulation tool for mems based on the tp2000 cad platform,
E.R. Konig, G. Watchutka, pp. 9-18

Numerical and experimental analysis of distributed electromechanical parasitcs in the calibration of a fully BiCMOS-integrated capacitive pressure sensor, G. Schrag, pp. 19-25

Multi-pattern adaptive inverse filter for real-time deconvolution of ultrasonic signals in scattering media,
M.A.G. Izquierdo, pp. 26-31

Modeling of microsystems with analog hardware description languages,
M. Carmona, S. Marco, pp. 32-42

Study of the mass sensitivity of SH-APM sensors with maple V,
I. Esteban, pp. 43-50

Thermal simulation of surface micromachined polysilicon hot plates of low power consumption,
M. Dumitrescu, C. Cobianu, pp. 51-56

The application of genetic algorithms to sensor parameter selection for multisensor array configuration,
P. Corcoran, pp. 57-66

Intrinsic doped fibre fluorescence-lifetime based high temperature alarm sensor,
T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan, pp. 67-71

A low cost analogue current transducer,
A. Pross, pp 72-77

Modelling of a cone-jet sensor using finite element method,
T. Xie, pp. 78-82

Practical properties of a thick-film elastic wave sensor structure,
N.R. Harris, N. White, pp. 83-88

Surface acoustic wave - liquid drop interactions,
M.I. Newton, pp. 89-92

A novel molecularly imprinted thin film applied to a love wave gas sensor,
B. Jakoby, pp. 93-97

Thick polystyrene-coated quartz crystal microbalance as a basis of a cost effective immunosensor,
S.P. Sakti, pp. 98-102

Contactless surface acoustic wave gas sensor,
K. Beck, pp. 103-106

Silicon diode temperature sensor without a kink of the response curve in cryogenic temperature region,
Y.M. Shwarts, pp. 107-111

The slot microphone, a new microphone excitation concept,
A. Stoffel, W. Kronast, pp. 112-116

Compact broadbank gradiometric induction magnetometer system,
R.J. Prance, pp. 117-121

Ultrasonic density sensor - analysis of errors due to thin layers of deposits on the sensor surface,
A. Puttmer, pp. 122-126

Calibration of a novel airflow transducer for use in pneumotachography,
E. Coolen, pp. 127-132

Novel C-MOS compatible monolithic silicon gas flow sensor with porous silicon thermal isolation,
G. Kaltsas, A.G. Nassiopoulou, pp. 133-138

Piezoresistive silicon V-AFM cantilevers for high-speed imaging,
Y. Su, pp. 139-144

A pyroelectric polymer infra red sensor array with a charge amplifier readout,
D. Setiadi, pp. 145-151

Improvement of radiation resistance of magnetic field microsensors,
I. Bolshakova, pp.152-155

Thin film thickness sensor based on a new magnetostrictive delay line arrangement,
E. Hristoforou, pp. 156-161

Surface acoustic wave humidity sensor using polyvinyl-alcohol film,
M. Penza, pp. 162-166

Giant magnetoresistance Co/Cu multilayer sensors for use in magnetic field mapping,
C. Christides, pp. 167-171

A silicon blue/UV selective stripe-shaped photodiode,
A. Pauchard, pp. 172-177

CMOS versus bipolar hall plates regarding offset correction,
S. Bellekom, pp. 178-182

A new solid state instrument for optical toxic metal ions sensing,
B. Kuswandi, R. Narayanaswamy, pp. 183-190

Bulk-micromachined tunable fabry-perot microinterferometer for the visible spectral range,
J.H. Correia, pp. 191-196

Towards a sideways looking intravascular laser-ultrasound probe,
K.A. Roome, P.A. Payne, pp. 197-202

Comparison of two thermochromic solutions for fibre optic temperature probes,
A. Dybko, pp. 203-207

Sensor applications of amorphous glass-covered wires,
H. Chiriac, pp. 208-212

Dynamic simulation model for a vibrating fluid density sensor,
T. Veijola, pp. 213-224

AC - driven AMR and GMR magnetoresistors,
P. Ripka, pp. 225-230

A chromatically addressed optical fibre sensor for non-contact temperature monitoring,
P.C. Russell, pp. 231-240

The improved performance of GaAs micromachined power sensor microsystem,
T. Lalinsky, pp. 241-246

Measurements on micromachined silicon accelerometers with piezoelectric sensor action,
D. Eichner, W. Von Munch, pp. 247-252

Investigation of leakage flux in a capacitive angular displacement sensor used in Torque motors by 3D finite element field modelling,
S.H. Khan, pp. 253-259

The empirical verification of the FEM model of semiconductor pressure sensor,
T. Pancewicz, R.S. Jachowicz, pp. 260-265

Micromachined resonator for cavitation sensing,
E. Peiner, pp. 266-272

First integrated inductive proximity sensor with on-chip CMOS readout circuit and electrodeposited 1 mm flat coil,
P.A. Passeraub, P.A. Passeraub, pp. 273-278

Acoustic aerosol sensor,
L. Zipser, pp. 279-282

Development and characterisation of a surface micromachined FET pressure sensor on a CMOS process,
E. Hynes, pp. 283-292

A non-plate like hall sensor,
Z. Randjelovic, pp. 293-297

A high accuracy resonant pressure sensor by fusion bonding and trench etching,
C.J. Welham, pp. 298-304

Approaches to design the multifunctional sensor system for determination of water environment parameters,
V. Golembo, pp. 305-309

Measurement of the angular acceleration using a PVDF and a piezo-composite,
J. Marat-Mendes, pp. 310-313

Feasibility study into the use of a micro-machined grating spectrometer to measure fat and protein content in liquid milk products,
D. Brennan, pp. 314-317

Surface acoustic waves for the detection of small vibrations,
J. Filipiak, C. Kopycki, pp. 318-322

Measurement of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of single and multi-layer membranes,
A. Irace, pp. 323-328

Self-aligned 3d shadow-mask technique for patterning deeply recessed surfaces of MEMS devices,
J. Brugger, pp. 329-334

Influence of anneals in oxygen ambient on stress of thick polysilicon layers,
M. Furtsch, pp. 335-342

Amanda surface micromachining, molding, and diaphragm transfer,
W.K. Schomburg, pp. 343-348

Development of a novel printed circuit board technology for inductive device applications,
O. Dezuari, M.A.M. Gijs, pp. 349-355

Critical processing issues for micromachined sacrificial layer etching and sealing,
H. Berney, pp. 356-364

Chemical tapering of polymer optical fibre, 

D.F. Merchant, pp. 365-371

On the saturation magnetostriction in low magnetostrictive co-rich amorphous wires,
H. Chiriac, M. Neagu, pp. 372-375

Ni-Ag thin films as strain-sensitive materials for piezoresistive sensors,
H. Chiriac, M. Neagu, pp. 376-380

Rapid prototyping of micromechanical devices using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with optional frequency doubling, 
S. Dauer, pp. 381-385

Finite element analysis of the open window plastic package for optical sensors,
C.V.B. Cotofana, pp. 386-394

Fracture properties of InP microcantilevers by hetero-micromachining,
K. Fricke, E. Peiner, pp. 395-402

Parameters influencing the flatness and stability of capacitive pressure sensors fabricated with wafer bonding,
D. Goustouridis, D. Tsoukalas, pp. 403-408

Pyroelectricity of PZR-based thick-films,
G. De Cicco, M. Prudenziati, pp. 409-415

Structuring of convex corners using a reoxidation process-application to a tuning fork resonator made from (110)- silicon, 

M. Giousouf, pp. 416-424

Optical monitoring and control of Si wet etching,
U.M. Mescheder, pp. 425-430

Measurement of the response of resistive sensors using logic oscillators and integrated frequency measurement,
R. Stone, P.A. Payne, pp. 431-436

A novel low voltage low power oscillator as a capacitive sensor interface for portable applications,
G. Ferri, pp. 437-441

Fast discrete wavelet transform for B-H loop tracing,
E. Hristoforou, pp. 442-447

Application of DSP techniques to SAFT images, 
O. Martinez Graullera, pp. 448-456

A micromachined actuator for nanopositioning in two dimensions,
F. Ayela, pp. 459-462

Compliant thermal microactuators,
J. Jonsmann, pp. 463-469

Thermally actuated optical microscanner with large angle and low, 
S. Schweizer, pp. 470-477

Microfluidic system for the integration and cyclic operation of gas sensors,
A. Meckes, pp. 478-483

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Eurosensors XII. Sensors and their applications IX,

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