ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 77 / 1



Ultrasonic circular inspection for object recognition with sensor-robot integration,
A. Lazaro Del Pozo,  pp. 1-8.

The spread eta and Vgo and its influence on the sensitivity of a bipolaric celsius sensor,
R. Amador, pp. 9-13.

Fabrication of a 3D differential-capacitive acceleration sensor by UV-LIGA,
W. Qu, pp. 14-20.

Determining thermal expansion coefficients of thin films using micromachined cantilevers,
W. Fang, pp. 21-27.

Voltage responsivity of pyroelectric sensor,
W.K. Sakamoto, pp. 28-33.

Applications of TiNi thin film shape memory alloys in micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems,
M. Tabib-Azar, pp. 34-38.

A new type of dielectric bolometer mode of detector pixel using ferroelectric thin film capacitors for infrared image sensor, M. Noda, pp. 39-44.

Two temperature sensors with signal-conditioning amplifiers realized in BiCMOS technology,
I.M. Filanovsky, pp. 45-53.

Novel interconnection technologies for integrated microfluidic systems,
B.L. Gray, N.I. Maluf, pp. 57-65.

A micro fluxgate magnetic sensor using micromachined planar solenoid coils,
T.M. Liakopoulos, pp. 66-72.

High-aspect-ratio rotary polygon micromotor scanners,
A.A. Yasseen, pp. 73-79.



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