ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 77 / 2



Characterization of the anistropic chemical attack of {hk0} silicon plates in a T.M.A.H. solution. Determination of a database, A.R. Charbonnieras, C. Tellier, pp. 81-97

A new technology for fluidic microsystems based on PCB technology,
T. Merkel, pp. 98-105

Measurement of the effective transverse piezoelectric coefficient e31,f of AIN and Pb(Zrx,Ti1-x)O3 thin films,
M.A. Dubois, pp. 106-112

Silicon micro-accelerometer with mg resolution, high linearity and large frequency bandwidth fabricated with two mask bulk process, M. Chen, Z. Xiao, pp. 113-119

Ozone sensor made by dip coating method,
A. Hattori, pp. 120-125

Voltage gain characteristics of Piezoelectric transformer using PbTiO3 system ceramics,
Y.H. Jeong, S.H. Lee, pp. 126-130

Strain studies in LPCVD polysilicon for surface micromachined devices,
A. Chand, pp. 133-138

Photopatterning of thermally sensitive hydrogels useful for microactuators,
J. Hoffmann, M. Plotner, pp. 139-144

A miniature shape memory alloy pinch valve,
C.M. Pemble, pp. 145-148

Micro-stereolithography of polymeric and ceramic microstructures,
X. Zhang, pp. 149-156

Shape memory micro-actuation for a gastro-intestinal intervention system,
D. Reynaerts, pp. 157-166



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