ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 77 / 3


A micromachined pressure/flow-sensor,
R.E. Oosterbroek, pp. 167-177

High performance micromachined Sm2Co17 polymer bonded magnets,
B.M. Dutoit, pp. 178-182

A simple and efficient technique for the simulation of capacitive pressure transducers,
H. Elgamel, pp. 183-186

The characteristics of point-heating excitation in silicon micro-mechanical resonators,
H. Yu, Y. Wang, pp. 187-190

The theoretical analysis on damping characteristics of resonant microbeam in vacuum,
L. Bingqian, Z. Changchun, pp. 191-194

A new anisotropy effect in the amperometric magnetic-field microsensors,
C. Roumenin, pp. 195-198

360o direction type human information sensor,
N. Yoshiike, pp. 199-208

Design and fabrication of a 6-component force/moment sensor,
G.S. Kim, pp. 209-220

A plastic micropump constructed with conventional techniques and materials,
S. Bohm, pp. 223-228

Design and optimization of an ultrasonic flexural plate wave micro pump using numerical simulation,
N.T. Nguyen, pp. 229-236

Solder self-assembly for three-dimensional MEMS,
K. Harsh, pp. 237-244



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