ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 78 / 1



Deflection of surface micromachined devices due to internal, homogeneous or gradient stresses,
S. Greek, pp. 1-7

Modeling, design, fabrication and measurement of a single layer polysilicon micromirror with initial curvature compensation, Y.H. Min, pp. 8-17

Techniques to improve the flatness of reflective micro-optical arrays,
K. Seunarine, pp. 18-27

Bistable micromechanical fiber-optic switches on silicon with thermal actuators,
M. Hoffmann, pp. 28-35

Surface micro-machined optical coherent detection system with ultra-high sensitivity,
C. Pu, pp. 36-40

Diamond microstructures for optical MEMS,
H. Bjorkman, pp. 41-47

Proposal of human eye's crystalline lens-like variable focusing lens,
S.H. Ahn, pp. 48-53

Surface-micromachined polysilicon MOEMS for adaptive optics,
J. Comtois, pp. 54-62

Design and fabrication of 10x10 micro SLM array for phase and amplitude modulation,
S.W. Chung, pp. 63-70



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