ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 78 / 2-3



Design of a fourth harmonic fluxgate magnetometer, 
J.C. Cruz, pp.71-73

Low creep and hysteresis load cell based on a force to fluid pressure transformation,
A.F. Zwijze, pp.74-80

Theoretical and experimental identification of the temperature sensor unit step response non-linearity during air temperature measurement, W.Minkina, pp.81-87

Materials of Bi4Ti3O12 type for high temperature acoustic piezo-sensors,
A.Megriche, pp. 88-91

Capacitive detection scheme for space accelerometers applications,
V. Josselin, pp.92-98

Separate determination of liquid density and viscosity with sagittally corrugated love-mode sensors,
F. Herrmann, pp.99-107

Amorphous silicon switching device for high resolution two color photodetector matrix,
D.Caputo, pp.108-113

The electrical response of thick-film resistors to hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial stress between 77 and 535K,
N. Fawcett, pp.114-119

An integration process of micro electro mechanical polysilicon with CMOS analog/digital circuits,
Y.Yee, pp.120-129

On the applicability of InGaP:Si and AlGaAs:Sn piezoresistive pressure sensors in the 2.5 GPa range,
E. Litwin-Staszewska, W. Trzeciakowski, pp.130-137

High sensitivity acoustic transducers with thin P+ membranes and gold back-plate,
A.E. Kabir, R. Bashir, pp.138-142

Compensation of nonlinear thermal bias drift of resonant rate sensor (RRS) using fuzzy logic,
S.K. Hong, pp.143-148

Reconfigurable diffraction gratings based on elastomeric micorfluidic devices,
O.J.A. Schueller, G. Whitesides, pp.149-159

Novel propagation direction of quasi-longitudinal leaky surface acoustic wave on quartz and its potential as liquid sensors, X. Tong, pp.160-162

Dynamic thermo-mechanical properties of evaporated TiNi shape memory thin film,
E. Makino, pp.163-167

Effect of MnO2 impurity on the modified PbTiO3 system ceramics for power supply,
J.H. Yoo, pp.168-171

Design of a sensing glass fiber with specific refractive-index composition for a system with 1.3 mu m wavelength light source, M. Komachiya, pp.172-179

Carbon fiber structural composites as thermistors,
S. Wen, D.D.L. Chung, pp.180-188

Out-of-plane magnetic actuators with electroplated permalloy for fluid dynamics control,
C. Liu, pp.190-197

Thermoplastic structuring of thin polymer films,
H. Dreuth, pp.198-204

Assembly of micro optical devices using magnetic actuation,
Y.W. Yi, pp. 205-211

A study of micromachined bimetallic actuation,
Q. Zou, pp. 212-219

Optical methods for micromachine monitoring and feedback,
F.M. Dickey, pp. 220-235



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