ISSN : 0924-4247 Vol./Iss. : 79 / 1


An all fibre white light interferometric strain measurement system,
B.T. Meggitt, K. Weir, pp. 1-7

Piezoelectric ceramic bimorph coupled to thin metal plate as cooling fan for electronic devices,
J.H. Yoo, W. Cao, pp. 8-12

Analysis of fluid flow and deflection for pressure-balanced MEMS diaphragm valves,
F. Yang, pp.13-21

Torsional actuator based on mechanically amplified shear piezoeletric response,
A.E. Glazounov, Q.M. Zhang, pp.22-30

AlxGa1-x as semiconductor sensor for contact pressure measurement,
S.L. Toh, pp. 31-35

A fibre-optic grating sensor for the study of flow-induced vibrations,
W. Jin, pp.36-45

High performance human information sensor,
K. Hashimoto, pp.46-52

Wet etching of undercut sidewalls in {100}-silicon,

Fruehauf, pp.55-63

A novel micro electrostatic torsional actuator,
J.Hsieh, W. Fang, pp.64-70

Innovative micromachined microwave switch with very low insertion loss,
C. Chang, pp. 71-75

BICEPS: A modular environment for the design of micromachined silicon devices,
L. Steffensen, S. Buttgenbach, pp. 76-81



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