ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 80 / 1


Electric fields in fluidic channels and sensor applications with capacitance,
T. Merkel, pp.1-7

A remote query magnetostrictive viscosity sensor,

P.G. Stoyanov, C.A. Grimes, pp.8-14

A novel approach to modeling the transfer functions of four-terminal-transducer pressure sensors within a single simulation tool, R. Buchhold, pp.15-22

A piezoelectric tactile sensor with three sensing elements for robotic, endoscopic and prosthetic applications,
J. Dargahi, pp.23-30

Measurement of absolute strain based on a tunable cw semiconductor laser, 
Li Changchun, pp.31-34

Structural and electrical properties of Ba(Sn,Sb)O3 electroceramics materials,
W. Lu, pp.35-37

Novel thermistor of Bi-doped Ba(Sn,Sb)O3 with linear negative temperature coefficient,
W. Lu, pp.38-41

Frequency behaviour and speed control of piezomotors,
L. Petit, pp. 45-52

Differential capacitive position sensor for planar MEMS structures with vertical motion,
M.N. Horenstein, pp.53-61

Fabrication of a thermopneumatic microactuator with a corrugated p+silicon diaphragm,
O.C. Jeong, S.S. Yang, pp.62-67

Study of low-temperature direct bonding of (111) and (100) silicon wafers under various ambient and surface conditions, D. Resnik, pp.68-76

A micromachined silicon valve driven by a miniature bi-stable electro-magnetic actuator,
S. Bohm, pp.77-83

Theoretical and experimental study of MHD (magnetohydrodynamic) micropump,
J. Jang, pp. 84-89



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