ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 80 / 2


Comparative study of novel micromachined accelerometers employing midos,
O. Bochobza-Degani, pp.91-99

VLSI-NEMS chip for parallel AFM data storage,
M. Despont, pp.100-107

The realization and design considerations of a flip-chip integrated mems tunable capacitor,
K.F. Harsh, pp.108-118

A electrostatic micromechanical switch for logic operation in multichip modules on Si (MCM-Si),
A. Hirata, pp.119-125

Fabrication of micro IC probe for LSI testing,
I. Takahiro, pp.126-131

Prototype microrobots for micro positioning and micro unmanned vehicles,
P.E. Kladitis, pp.132-137

Light emitting devices using micromachined si-TIP mirror arrays,
Y.H. Lee, pp.138-142

Digital micropropulsion, 
D.H. Lewis Jr., E.K. Antonsson, pp.143-154

An integrated MEMS three-dimensional tactile sensor with large force range,
T. Mei, W.J. Li, pp.155-162

Microfabrication of miniature aperture at the apex of SiO2 tip on silicon cantilever for near field scanning optical microscopy,
N.M. Phan, M. Esashi, pp.163-169

A micromachined vibrating rate gyroscope with independent beams for the drive and detection modes,
Y. Mochida, pp.170-178

Differences in anisotropic etching properties of KOH and TMAH solutions,
M. Shikida, pp.179-188

Quasi monolithic silicon load cell for loads up to 1000 kg with insensitivity to non-homogenoeous load distributions,
R. Wiegerink, pp.189-196



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