ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 81 / 1-3


Spin valve sensors,
P.P. Freitas, pp.2-8

Ultra-sensitive spin-valve structures grown on n-GaAs by single bath electrodeposition,
K. Attenborough, pp. 9-12

In As/A10.2Ga0.8Sb quantum well hall effect sensors, 
M. Behet, pp.13-17

Offset reduction in silicon hall sensors,
C. Muller-Schwanneke, pp.18-22

Effects of aging on the electrical resistivity of La1-xBxCoO3 perovskites (B=Sr, Ca, Ba: 0.20<x<0.30),
J. Mira, pp. 23-26

High performance magnetoresistive sensors,
H. Hauser, pp.27-31

Optimisation of spin-valves on rough substrates,
F.E. Stanley, pp. 32-36

Is the insulator-metal transition in perovskites assocaited with the bulk magnetic phase transition?
J. Baszynski, pp. 37-39

Annealing effects on GMR multilayer films, 
E.W. Hill, pp. 40-43

Contactless current detection with GMR sensors based on an artifical antiferromagnet (AAF) subsystem,
M. Vieth, pp. 44-48

Angular dependence of characteristic fields in spin-values,
C.H. Marrows, pp.49-52

A new GMR sensor based on NiFe/Ag multilayers,
L. Vieux-Rochaz, pp. 53-56

Sandwiched thin-film structures for the magnetoresistive spin-tunnelling sensors,
P.I. Nikitin, pp. 57-59

Optimisation of material and structure for a switched-bias magnetoresistive sensor,
D.J. Mapps, pp. 60-63

Room-temperature magnetoresistive sensor based on thick films manganese perovskite,
L. Balcells, J. Fontcuberta, pp. 64-66

Noise in NiFeCo/Cu spin valve sensors,
A.F. Md Nor, pp. 67-70

Magneto-impedance in multilayer films,
L.V. Panina, pp. 71-77

Study of magneto impedance effect in the microwave frequency range for soft magnetic wires and microwires,
J.M. Garcia-Beneytez, pp.78-81

An integrating magnetic sensor based on the giant magneto-impedance effect,
D. Atkinson, P.T. Squire, pp. 82-85

Effect of AC driving current on magneto-impedance effect,
P. Aragoneses, pp.86-90

Size effect on magneto-impedance in layered films,
D.P. Makhnovskiy, pp. 91-94

Effect of DC current on magneto-impedance in CoSiB twisted wires,
T.A. Furmanova, pp. 95-97

Magneto-impedance effect in amorphous ribbons for stress sensor application,
M. Tejedor, B. Hernando, pp.98-101

Directivity and sensitivity of high frequency carrier type thin-film magnetic field sensor,
M. Yamaguchi, M. Yamaguchi, pp.102-105

Effect of antisymmetric bias field on magneto-impedance in multilayers with crossed anisotropy,
D.P. Makhnovskiy, pp.106-110

Magneto-impedance in co-based amorphous wires and circular domain dynamics,
P.J. Vulfovich, pp.111-116

Magneto-impedance behaviour of Co-based glass-covered wires at microwave frequencies,
L. Brunetti, pp.117-120

Magnetic domain behaviour in magnetostrictive torque sensors,
M. Hardcastle, pp.121-125

Large gyromagnetic effect in magnetostrictive amorphous wires,
H. Chiriac, pp.126-128

Magnetoelastic sensor of liquid level based on magnetoelastic properties of co-rich microwires,
A. Zhukov, pp.129-133

Direct magnetostriction and magnetoelastic wave amplitude to measure a linear displacement,
R. Germano, pp.134-136

A micromachined magnetostrictive pressure sensor using magneto-optical interrogation,
W.J. Karl, pp.137-141

New magnetostrictive delay line arrangements for sensor applications,

E. Hristoforou, pp.142-146

Inverse wiedemann effect in glass covered amorphous wires,
H. Chiriac, pp.147-149

Tensile stress dependence of the sound velocity in Fe-rich amorphous wires,
H. Chiriac, pp.150-153

New sensors based on the magnetroelastic resonance of metallic glasses, 
J.M. Barandiaran, pp.154-157

Glass covered Fe-rich amorphous wires used as magnetostrictive delay lines,
E. Hristoforou, H. Chiriac, pp.158-161

Giant magnetostriction thin films for multi-cantilever micro-structures driving,
N. Tiercelin, pp.162-165

Fe-based amorphous thin films as a magnetoelastic sensor material, 
H. Chiriac, M. Pletea, pp.166-169

Giant magnetostriction behaviour of melt spun ribbon and pressed compacts of Sm(Fe1-xCox)2 alloys,
A.J. Batt, pp.170-173

New position sensor based on ultraacoustic standing waves in FeSiB amorphous wires, 
H. Chiriac, pp.174-175

Crossfield effect at Fluxgate,
P. Ripka, pp.176-179

A new compact 2D planar fluxgate sensor with amorphous metal core,
P. Kejik, L. Chiesi, pp.180-183

Fluxgate sensor for the vector magnetometer onboard the "Astrid-2" satellite,
P. Brauer, pp.184-188

Performances of the fluxgate sensor with tensile stress annealed ribbons,
M. Macoviciuc, pp.189-192

The applicability of VITROVAC 6025 X ribbons for the parallel-gated configuration sensors,
E.D. Diaconu, pp.193-196

The noise of the Vaquier type sensors referred to changes of the sensor geometrical dimensions,
C. Moldovanu, pp.197-199

Printed circuit board integrated fluxgate sensor,
O. Dezuari, pp.200-203

Theoretical calculation for a two-axis magnetometer based on magnetization rotation,
A.G. Garcia, pp.204-207

Preisach approach for modelling an amorphous torodial fluxgate sensor,
A. Salceanu, pp.208-211

Development of multilayer planar flux snesing and its appliation to 1MHz-3.5GHz thin films permeance meter,
M. Yamaguchi, pp. 212-215

New magneto-optical effects for investigation of near-surface micro-magnetic structure of FeCuNbSiB amorphous ribbons, 
E.E. Shalyguina, pp. 216-218

Magnetic and mechanical properties of FeNiCO Ti magnetic shape memory alloy,
R. Hayashi, S.J. Murray, pp. 219-223

Eddy current sensor for non-destructive evaluation of metallic wires, bars and pipes,
R. Grimberg, pp. 224-226

Glass-coated co-rich amorphous microwires with enhanced permeability,
M.J. Garcia-Prieto, pp. 227-231

The thermical hysteresis loop of the alloys having Fe,Ni content used for magnetic sensors,
M.Pretou, D. Filip, pp.232-235

Electro-deposition of Fe-Tb-O films with ac currents for use in high frequency micro-magnetic devices,
P.B. Lim, M. Inoue, pp. 236-239

Growth and investigation of ZnHgMnTe crystals for magnetic field sensors,
A.I. Savchuk, pp. 240-243

On interactions in a driven array of magnetic domain walls,
V. Badescu, pp.244-247

Fuzzy inference system used for a quantitative evaluation of the material discontinuities detected by eddy current sensors,
R. Grimberg, pp.248-250

Eddy current sensor for holographic visualizaiton of material discontinuities,
R.Grimberg, pp.251-253

Laser and sputter deposited amorphous films for stress detection,
T. Meydan, pp.254-257

Ferromagnetic metal/semiconductor heterostructures for magneto-electronic devices,
S. Holmes, pp. 258-262

Magneto-optical current sensors of high bandwidth,
Y.S. Didosyan, pp.263-267

Magnetic actuators,
D. Howe, pp. 268-274

Magnetostrictive actuation in microsystems,
E. Quandt, pp.275-280

Design of linear DC motor for high-speed positioning,
H.Yajima, H.Wakiwaka, pp. 281-284

Modelling and analysis of a magnetic microacturator,
D. De Bhailis, pp.285-289

Magnetic fluid actuator,
R.Olaru, pp.290-293

Dynamic magneto-mechanical properties of epoxy-bonded terfenol-d composites,
J. Hudson, pp.294-296

Magnetic field analysis of a resolver with a skewed and eccentric rotor,
K. Masaki, H. Wakiwaka, pp. 297-300

Considerations on electrical and mechanical time constants of moving-magnet-type linear DC motor,
T.Mizuno, pp.301-304

Iron loss analysis of moving-coil-type linear DC motor,
M. Nirei, H. Yamada, pp.305-308

Considerations of output voltage waveform on magnetic linear encoder for artificial heart using linear pulse motor,
Y. Kikuchi, pp.309-312

Nano-scale positioning for magnetic recording,
L. He, pp.313-316

Market sensors by combining competence,
S.Ziebs, pp.317-319

New single chip hall sensor for three phases brushless motor control,
F. Burger, pp.320-323

Development of magnetoresistive sensors based on planar hall effect for applications to microcompass,
F. Montaigne, pp.324-327

Demonstration of a new principle for an active electromagnetic pressure sensor,
B.M. Dutoit, pp.328-331

Demonstration of a magentic angular position sensor with ultra-high resolution and accuracy,
B. Tan, pp.332-335

Tilt measurement sensor,
O. Baltag, pp.336-339

A differential magnetic position sensor,
J.P. Yonnet, pp. 340-342

Phase and frequency control in the vibrating wire magnetic susceptometer,
G. Asti, pp.343-345

Simulation of magneto-electronic systems using kirchhoffian networks,
A.D. Brown, pp.346-350

An electro-chemical magnetic field sensor,
N.S. Perov, pp.351-354

High inductance planar transformers,
O.Dezuari, pp.355-358

Switching behavior of small soft-magnetic elements,
K. Ramstock, pp.359-362

Modling and numerical studies of domain walls dynamics with pi vertical bloch lines,
V.Badescu, pp.363-366

High-Tc squids: the ultra sensitive sensors for non-destructive testing and biomagnetism,
A.E. Mahdi, pp.367-370

Magnetic sensor used for the determination of fatigue state in determination of fatigue state in ferromagnetic steels, 
R.Grimberg, pp.371-373

Empirical extraction of disk drive parameters,
Z. Wan, pp.374-377

Design of spindle speed control for nonlinear system in the disk driver,
J. Zhou, pp.378-380

Analytic fields and response functions for planar heads HAZEL,
A. Shute, pp.381-384

An intelligent instruement for GMR sensor evaluation,
N.T. Holliday, pp. 385-388



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