ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 83 /1-3


A micromachined cavity resonator for millimeter-wave oscillator applications,
C. Kim, I. Song, C. Song, C. Cheon, Y. Kwon, S. Lee, pp.1-5

Free space communication link using a grating light modulator D. Pedersena Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA 95616-5294, USA, O. Solgaard, pp.6-10

Cantilever with integrated resonator for application of scanning probe microscope,
D.W. Lee, T. Ono, M. Esashi, pp.11-16

Fabrication and in vitro test of a microsyringe,
S.W. Lee, W.Y. Sim, S.S. Yang, pp.17-23

A bulk micromachined vibratory lateral gyroscope fabricated with wafer bonding and deep trench etching,
Z. Li, Z. Yang, Z. Xiao, Y. Hao, T. Li, G. Wu, Y. Wang, pp.24-29

Capacitive differential pressure sensor for harsh environments,
S.T. Moe, K. Schjolberg-Henriksen, D.T. Wang, E. Lund, J. Nysaether, L. Furuberg, M. Visser, T. Fallet, R.W. Bernstein, pp.30-33

Estimation of components and concentration in mixture solutions of electrolytes using a liquid flow system with SH-SAW sensor,
T. Yamazaki, J. Kondoh, Y. Matsui, S. Shiokawa, pp.34-39

Single chip CMOS imagers and flexible microelectronic stimulators for a retina implant system,
M. Schwarz, L. Ewe, R. Hauschild, B.J. Hosticka, J. Huppertz, S. Kolnsberg, W. Mokwa, H.K. Trieu, pp.40-46

Atomic force microscopy probe with piezoresistive read-out and a highly symmetrical Wheatstone bridge arrangement, J. Thaysen, A. Boisen, O. Hansen, S. Bouwstra, pp. 47-53

A novel micromachined vibrating rate-gyroscope with optical sensing and electrostatic actuation,
O. Bochobza-Degani, D.J. Seter, E. Socher, Y. Nemirovsky, pp.54-60

High-resolution liquid volume detection in sub-nanoliter reactors,
K.T. Hjelt, R. van den Doel, W. Lubking, M.J. Vellekoop, pp.61-66

A flat type touch probe sensor using PZT thin film vibrator, 

T. Kanda, T. Morita, M.K. Kurosawa, T. Higuchi, pp.67-75

Measurement of mechanical properties of eardrum, middle ear exudate and inner ear membranes,
M. Nakao, T. Okusa, Y. Hatamura, pp.76-79

Tuning fork silicon angular rate sensor with enhanced performance for automotive applications,
S. Sassen, R. Voss, J. Schalk, E. Stenzel, T. Gleissner, R. Gruenberger, F. Neubauer, W. Ficker, W. Kupke, K. Bauer, M. Rose, pp. 80-84

Development of a levitated micromotor for application as a gyroscope,
C. Shearwood, K.Y. Ho, C.B. Williams, H. Gong, pp.85-92

Low-cost post-CMOS integration of electroplated microstructures for inertial sensing,
M. Wycisk, T. Tonnesen, J. Binder, S. Michaelis, H.-J. Timme, pp.93-100

Design and fabrication of infrared detector arrays for satellite attitude control,
A.W. van Herwaarden, F.G. van Herwaarden, S.A. Molenaar, E.J.G. Goudena, M. Laros, P.M. Sarro, C.A. Schot, W. van der Vlist, L. Blarre, J.P. Krebs, pp.101-108

A new tunneling-based sensor for inertial rotation rate measurements,
R.L. Kubena, D.J. Vickers-Kirby, R.J. Joyce, F.P. Stratton, D.T. Chang, pp.109-117

Integration of through-wafer interconnects with a two-dimensional cantilever array,
E.M. Chow, H.T. Soh, H.C. Lee, J.D. Adams, S.C. Minne, G. Yaralioglu, A. Atalar, C.F. Quate, T.W. Kenny, pp. 118-123

Microcoils and microrelays - an optimized multilayer fabrication process,
M. Ohnmacht, V. Seidemann, S. Buttgenbach, pp. 124-129

Hot embossing as a method for the fabrication of polymer high aspect ratio structures,
H. Becker, U. Heim, pp.130-135

Condition optimization, reliability evaluation of SiO"2-SiO"2 HF bonding and its application for UV detection micro flow cell, H. Nakanishi, T. Nishimoto, M. Kanai, T. Saitoh, R. Nakamura, T. Yoshida, S. Shoji, pp. 136-141

Packaging a piezoresistive pressure sensor to measure low absolute pressures over a wide sub-zero temperature range, J.K. Reynolds, D. Catling, R.C. Blue, N.I. Maluf, T. Kenny, pp.142-149

Anodic bonding of evaporated glass structured with lift-off technology for hermetical sealing,
S. Sassen, W. Kupke, K. Bauer, pp.150-155

Electroforming of 3D microstructures on highly structured surfaces,
L.S. Johansen, M. Ginnerup, J.T. Ravnkilde, P.T. Tang, B. Lochel, pp.156-160

Three-dimensional micro self-assembly using bridging flocculation,
T. Nakakubo, I. Shimoyama, pp.161-166

Highly sensitive thermistors based on high-purity polycrystalline cubic silicon carbide,
E.A. de Vasconcelos, S.A. Khan, W.Y. Zhang, H. Uchida, T. Katsube, pp.167-171

Microscale material testing of single crystalline silicon: process effects on surface morphology and tensile strength,
T. Yi, L. Li, C.-J. Kim, pp.172-178

The property of plasma-polymerized fluorocarbon film in relation to CH"4/C"4F"8 ratio and substrate temperature,
Y. Matsumoto, M. Ishida, pp.179-185

MEMS micro-valve for space applications,
I. Chakraborty, W.C. Tang, D.P. Bame, T.K. Tang, pp.188-193

Fracture toughness and crack growth phenomena of plasma-etched single crystal silicon,
A.M. Fitzgerald, R.H. Dauskardt, T.W. Kenny, pp.194-199

Design, optimization and simulation on microelectromagnetic pump,
Q. Gong, Z. Zhou, Y. Yang, X. Wang, pp.200-207

SMA microgripper with integrated antagonism,
M. Kohl, E. Just, W. Pfleging, S. Miyazaki, pp.208-213

Thin film shape memory microvalves with adjustable operation temperature,
M. Kohl, D. Dittmann, E. Quandt, B. Winzek, pp.214-219

Silicon micro optical switching device with an electromagnetically operated cantilever,
T. Matsuura, T. Fukami, M. Chabloz, Y. Sakai, S.-i. Izuo, A. Uemura, S.-i. Kaneko, K. Tsutsumi, K. Hamanaka, pp. 220-224

A cylindrical shaped micro ultrasonic motor utilizing PZT thin film (1.4 mm in diameter and 5.0 mm long stator transducer), T. Morita, M.K. Kurosawa, T. Higuchi, pp.225-230

Vaporizing liquid microthruster,
E.V. Mukerjee, A.P. Wallace, K.Y. Yan, D.W. Howard, R.L. Smith, S.D. Collins, pp.231-236

Low voltage electrothermal vibromotor for silicon optical bench applications,
M. Pai, N.C. Tien, pp.237-243

Development of a new type piezoelectric micromotor,
Y. Suzuki, K. Tani, T. Sakuhara, pp.244-248

Fabrication and test of a thermopneumatic micropump with a corrugated p+ diaphragm,
O.C. Jeong, S.S. Yang, pp.249-255

Rapid biochemical detection and differentiation with magnetic force microscope cantilever arrays,
R.G. Rudnitsky, E.M. Chow, T.W. Kenny, pp.256-262

Pull-in time-energy product of electrostatic actuators: comparison of experiments with simulation,
L. Castaner, A. Rodrguez, J. Pons, S.D. Senturia, pp. 263-269

Fiber-optic vibration sensor based on frequency modulation of light-excited oscillators,
J.D. Zook, W.R. Herb, C.J. Bassett, T. Stark, J.N. Schoess, M.L. Wilson, pp. 270-276

Gas flow in constriction microdevices,
X. Li, W.Y. Lee, M. Wong, Y. Zohar, pp. 277-283

Silicon micro-optical scanner,
N. Asada, M. Takeuchi, V. Vaganov, N. Belov, S. in't Hout, I. Sluchak, pp.284-290

A raster-scanning full-motion video display using polysilicon micromachined mirrors,
R.A. Conant, P.M. Hagelin, U. Krishnamoorthy, M. Hart, O. Solgaard, K.Y. Lau, R.S. Muller, pp.291-296



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