ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 84 /1-2


Dynamic analysis of an optical beam deflector,
R.-F. Fung, S.-C. Chao, pp.1-6

Multi-wavelength combination source with fringe pattern transform technique to reduce the equivalent coherence length in white light interferometry, D.N. Wang, pp.7-10

Precise temperature control of microfluidic chamber for gas and liquid phase reactions,
A.I.K. Lao, T.M.H. Lee, I.-M. Hsing, N.Y. Ip, pp.11-17

Fabrication of a novel scanning probe device for quantitative nanotribology,
T. Zijlstra, J.A. Heimberg, E. van der Drift, D.G. van Loon, M. Dienwiebel, L.E.M. de Groot, J.W.M. Frenken, pp.18-24

A portable inductive scanning system for imaging steel-reinforcing bars embedded within concrete,
P. Gaydecki, I. Silva, B.T. Fernandes, Z.Z. Yu, pp.25-32

A silicon-based shear force sensor: development and characterization,
L. Wang, D.J. Beebe, pp.33-44

Optimum conditioning of PbSe photoconductive detectors in measurements without chopping,
F.J.M. Meca, M.M. Quintas, F.J.R. Sanchez, pp.45-52

Design and noise consideration of an accelerometer employing modulated integrative differential optical sensing,
O. Bochobza-Degani, D.J. Seter, E. Socher, Y. Nemirovsky, pp.53-64

Design and characterisation of a new force resonant sensor,
C. Gehin, C. Barthod, Y. Teisseyre, pp.65-69

The development and application of microthermal sensors with a mesh-membrane supporting structure,
S.-T. Hung, S.-C. Wong, W. Fang, pp.70-75

Room temperature sensitivity of (SnO"2-ZrO"2) sol-gel thin films,
M. Soliman Selim, pp.76-80

Optimization of a piezoelectric ceramic actuator,
T.Y. Jiang, T.Y. Ng, K.Y. Lam, pp.81-94

ElectroMechanical Film (EMFi) - a new multipurpose electret material,
M. Paajanen, J. Lekkala, K. Kirjavainen, pp.95-102

Development of novel low temperature bonding technologies for microchip chemical analysis applications,
A. Sayah, D. Solignac, T. Cueni, M.A.M. Gijs, pp.103-108

Stress analysis at singular points of micromachined silicon membranes,
A. Chouaf, C. Malhaire, M. Le Berre, M. Dupeux, F. Pourroy, D.Barbier, pp.109-115

Silicon anisotropic etching in alkaline solutions III: On the possibility of spatial structures forming in the course of Si(100) anisotropic etching in KOH and KOH+IPA solutions,
I. Zubel, pp.116-125

An industrial CMOS process family adapted for the fabrication of smart silicon sensors,
T. Muller, M. Brandl, O. Brand, H. Baltes, pp.126-133

Fiber optic electric field sensors using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal coatings and evanescent field interactions,
M. Tabib-Azar, B. Sutapun, T. Srikhirin, J. Lando, G. Adamovsky, pp.134-139

Five-port equivalent electric circuit of piezoelectric bimorph beam,
Y.S. Cho, Y.E. Pak, C.S. Han, S.K. Ha, pp.140-148

A low-cost micromechanical accelerometer with integrated solid-state sensor,
D. Haronian, pp.149-155

Magnetic actuation of bending and torsional vibrations for 2D optical-scanner application,
A. Garnier, T. Bourouina, H. Fujita, T. Hiramoto, E. Orsier, J.-C.Peuzin, pp.156-160

Electroplated electro-fluidic interconnects for chemical sensors,
E.T. Enikov, J.G. Boyd, pp.161-164

Numerical and experimental studies of flat-walled diffuser elements for valve-less micropumps,
A. Olsson, G. Stemme, E. Stemme, pp.165-175

The use of ferrofluids in micromechanics,
R. Perez-Castillejos, J.A. Plaza, J. Esteve, P. Losantos, M.C. Acero, C. Cane, F. Serra-Mestres, pp.176-180

A new wide-dimensional freestanding microstructure fabrication technology using laterally formed porous silicon as a sacrificial layer, C.-S. Lee, J.-D. Lee, C.-H. Han, pp.181-185



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