ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 84 /3


Extraction and selection of parameters for evaluation of breath alcohol measurement with an electronic nose,
N. Paulsson, E. Larsson, F. Winquist, pp.187-197

The effects of polarization of the incident light-modeling and analysis of a SPR multimode optical fiber sensor,
W.B. Lin, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, A. Gagnaire, H. Gagnaire, pp.198-204

Remote query measurement of pressure, fluid-flow velocity, and humidity using magnetoelastic thick-film sensors, 
C.A. Grimes, D. Kouzoudis, pp.205-212

Effects of electrostatic forces generated by the driving signal on capacitive sensing devices,
M. Bao, H. Yang, H. Yin, S. Shen, pp.213-219

Readout architectures for uncooled IR detector arrays,
D. Jakonis, C. Svensson, C. Jansson, pp.220-229

A microfluidic pH-regulation system based on printed circuit board technology,
C. Laritz, L. Pagel, pp.230-235

New tactile sensor chip with silicone rubber cover,
M. Leineweber, G. Pelz, M. Schmidt, H. Kappert, G. Zimmer, pp.236-245

Magnetofluidic sensor for volume measurement,
A. Stanci, V. Iusan, C.D. Buioca, pp.246-249

A new optical fiber multiplexer for distortion-free light transfer in multichannel fiber optic sensor systems,
L. Kasarian, R. Niessner, pp.250-258

Optimization of thin-film thermoelectric radiation sensor with separate disposition of absorbing layer and  comb thermoelectric transducer, A.G. Kozlov, pp.259-269

An optoelectronic sensor for cure monitoring in thermoset-based composites,
A. Cusano, G. Breglio, M. Giordano, A. Calabro, A. Cutolo, L. Nicolais, pp.270-275

Flat free-standing silicon diaphragms using silicon-on-insulator wafers,
J.W. Graff, E.F. Schubert, pp.276-279

The silicon angular rate sensor system DAVED(R),
W. Geiger, J. Merz, T. Fischer, B. Folkmer, H. Sandmaier, W. Lang, pp.280-284

Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) used as humidity sensor,
F. Pascal-Delannoy, B. Sorli, A. Boyer, pp.285-291

Characterisation and modelling of the mismatch of TCRs and their effects on the drift of the offset voltage of piezoresistive pressure sensors, A. Boukabache, P. Pons, G. Blasquez, Z. Dibi, pp.292-296

Optical fibre magnetic field sensors using ceramic magnetostrictive jackets,
M. Sedlar, V. Matejec, I. Paulicka, pp.297-302

A gold-palladium thin-film microsensor array for thermal imaging of laser beam waists,
B. Serio, H. Gualous, J.P. Prenel, pp.303-309

On the thermal expansion coefficients of thin films,
W. Fang, C.-Y. Lo, pp.310-314

Structuring of membrane sensors using sacrificial porous silicon,
F. Hedrich, S. Billat, W. Lang, pp.315-323

Simulation of anisotropic wet chemical etching using a physical model,
E. van Veenendaal, A.J. Nijdam, J. van Suchtelen, K. Sato, J.G.E.Gardeniers, W.J.P. van Enckevort, M. Elwenspoek, pp. 324-329

The introduction of powder blasting for sensor and microsystem applications,
E. Belloy, S. Thurre, E. Walckiers, A. Sayah, M.A.M. Gijs, pp.330-337

Improving the characteristics in magnetostrictive-piezoelectric sensors when the viscous interface is removed,
J.L. Prieto, P. Sanchez, C. Aroca, E. Lopez, M.C. Sanchez, O. de Abril, L. Perez, pp.338-341

UV-LIGA process for high aspect ratio structure using stress barrier and C-shaped etch hole,
H.-K. Chang, Y.-K. Kim, pp.342-350

A generic interface chip for capacitive sensors in low-power multi-parameter microsystems,
N. Yazdi, A. Mason, K. Najafi, K.D. Wise, pp.351-361



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