ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 85 /1- 3


Robust giant magnetoresistance sensors,
K.-M.H. Lenssen, D.J. Adelerhof, H.J. Gassen, A.E.T. Kuiper, G.H.J. Somers, J.B.A.D. van Zon, pp.1-8

Not-plate-like Hall magnetic sensors and their applications,
R.S. Popovic, pp. 9-17

Optimisation of air cone-jet sensor using 2-D finite element analysis,
T. Xie, Q. Yang, B.E. Jones, C. Butler, pp.18-22

Spectral analysis through electromechanical coupling,
E. Cretu, M. Bartek, R.F. Wolffenbuttel, pp.23-32

Comparison of CW beam patterns from segmented annular arrays and squared arrays,
O. Martnez, L.G. Ullate, A. Ibanez, pp.33-37

Interference rejection algorithm for current measurement using magnetic sensor arrays,
R. Bazzocchi, L. Di Rienzo, pp.38-41

A telemetry system for the detection of hip prosthesis loosening by vibration analysis,
R. Puers, M. Catrysse, G. Vandevoorde, R.J. Collier, E. Louridas, F.Burny, M. Donkerwolcke, F. Moulart, pp. 42-47

New position detectors based on AMR sensors,
D.J. Adelerhof, W. Geven, pp.48-53

Accurate measurement of small currents using a CCC with DC SQUID readout,
G. Rietveld, M.G.H. Hiddink, E. Bartolome, J. Flokstra, J. Sese, A.Camon, C. Rillo, pp.54-59

Piezoelectric sectorial 2D array for 3D acoustical imaging,
M. Akhnak, O. Martnez, L. Gomez-Ullate, F. Montero de Espinosa, pp.60-64

Intrinsic thermal behaviour of capacitive pressure sensors: mechanisms and minimisation,
G. Blasquez, X. Chauffleur, P. Pons, C. Douziech, P. Favaro, P.Menini, pp.65-69

The piezojunction effect in NPN and PNP vertical transistors and its influence on silicon temperature sensors,
F. Fruett, G. Wang, G.C.M. Meijer, pp.70-74

Sub-cooled water detection in silicon dew point hygrometer,
R. Jachowicz, J. Weremczuk, pp.75-83

Versatile tool for characterising long-term stability and reliability of micromechanical structures,
R. Kazinczi, J.R. Mollinger, A. Bossche, pp. 84-89

Characterisation and modelling analysis of a capacitive pressure sensor based on a silicon/Pyrex sensing cell and a BiCMOS A/D integrated circuit, P. Menini, P. Dondon, G. Blasquez, P. Pons, P. Favaro, C. Douziech, pp.90-98

Integrated microsystem for blue/UV detection,
A. Pauchard, B. Furrer, Z. Randjelovic, A. Rochas, D. Manic, R.S.Popovic, pp.99-105

A new non-disturbing and wideband optical microsensor of electromagnetic fields,
I. Rendina, G. Cocorullo, F.G. Della Corte, M. Iodice, R. Massa, G. Panariello, pp.106-110

Planar Hall effect in the vertical Hall sensor,
C. Schott, P.-A. Besse, R.S. Popovic, pp.111-115

Capacitive microphone with low-stress polysilicon membrane and high-stress polysilicon backplate,
A. Torkkeli, O. Rusanen, J. Saarilahti, H. Seppa, H. Sipola, J.Hietanen, pp.116-123

A silicon flow sensor for gases and liquids using AC measurements,
G. Bedo, H. Fannasch, R. Muller, pp.124-132

Microwave enhanced fast anisotropic etching of monocrystalline silicon, 
J.A. Dziuban, pp.133-138

Wide range semiconductor flow sensors,
A. Glaninger, A. Jachimowicz, F. Kohl, R. Chabicovsky, G. Urban, pp.139-146

CMOS-compatible capacitive high temperature pressure sensors,
K. Kasten, J. Amelung, W. Mokwa, pp.147-152

Low-temperature semiconductor mechanical sensors,
I. Maryamova, A. Druzhinin, E. Lavitska, I. Gortynska, Y. Yatzuk, pp.153-157

Evanescent wave sensing: new features for detection in small volumes,
G. Pandraud, T.M. Koster, C. Gui, M. Dijkstra, A. van den Berg, P.V.Lambeck, pp.158-162

A new class of multisensors for magnetic field and temperature based on the Diode Hall effect,
C. Roumenin, A. Ivanov, P. Nikolova, pp.163-168

Passive wirelessly requestable sensors for magnetic field measurements,
R. Steindl, C. Hausleitner, A. Pohl, H. Hauser, J. Nicolics, pp.169-174

A 3-phase model for VIS/NIR @mC-Si:H p-i-n detectors, 
M. Vieira, A. Fantoni, M. Fernandes, A. Macarico, R. Schwarz, pp.175-180

Comparison of different micromechanical vacuum sensors,
G. Bedo, W. Kraus, R. Muller, pp.181-188

Surface plasmon resonance interferometry for micro-array biosensing,
P.I. Nikitin, A.N. Grigorenko, A.A. Beloglazov, M.V. Valeiko, A.I.Savchuk, O.A. Savchuk, G. Steiner, C. Kuhne, A. Huebner, R. Salzer, pp.189-193

A silicon vibration sensor for tool state monitoring working in the high acceleration range,
J. Thomas, R. Kuhnhold, R. Schnupp, H. Ryssel, pp 194-201

High sensitivity magnetic field sensor,
G. Vertesy, A. Gasparics, J. Szollosy, pp.202-208

Side-illuminated 100 @mm pitch X-ray detector for digital radiology,
D. Vrtacnik, D. Krizaj, T. Mali, D. Resnik, U. Aljancic, S. Amon, pp.209-216

Torsion and magnetic field measurements using inverse Wiedemann effect in glass-covered amorphous wires,
H. Chiriac, E. Hristoforou, M. Neagu, I. Darie, C. Hison, pp.217-220

Spin-tunneling magnetoresistive sensors,
S.I. Kasatkin, P.I. Nikitin, A.M. Muravjev, V.V. Lopatin, F.F.Popadinetz, A.V. Svatkov, A.Y. Toporov, F.A.Pudonin, A.I. Nikitin, pp.221-226

Race-track fluxgate with adjustable feedthrough,
P. Ripka, pp.227-231

Noise considerations in low voltage CMOS integrated temperature sensors,
G. Ferri, A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, pp.232-238

High T"c SQUID sensor system for non-destructive evaluation,
G. Kallias, E. Devlin, C. Christides, D. Niarchos, pp.239-243

Temperature cross-sensitivity of Hall plate in submicron CMOS technology,
D. Manic, J. Petr, R.S. Popovic, pp.244-248

III-V semiconductor material for tunable Fabry-Perot filters for coarse and dense WDM systems,
M. Strassner, J. Daleiden, N. Chitica, D. Keiper, B. Stalnacke, S.Greek, K. Hjort, pp.249-255

Load to capacitance transfer using different spring elements in capacitive transducers, 
W. Olthuis, B.J. Kooi, J.G. Bomer, P. Bergveld, pp.256-261

Smart load cells: an industrial application,
J.G. Rocha, C. Couto, J.H. Correia, pp.262-266

Low-noise charge sensitive readout for pyroelectric sensor arrays using PVDF thin film, 
H.J. Weller, D. Setiadi, T.D. Binnie, pp. 267-274

Integrated on-line multisensing of fluid flow using a mechanical resonator,
A.L. Dring, B.E. Jones, pp.275-279

Drop test and analysis on micro-machined structures,
G.X. Li, F.A. Shemansky, pp. 280-286

Initial investigations on systems for measuring intraocular pressure,
U. Schnakenberg, P. Walter, G. vom Bogel, C. Kruger, H.C.Ludtke-Handjery, H.A. Richter, W. Specht, P.Ruokonen, W. Mokwa, pp.287-291

Low frequency underwater piezoceramic transducer,
I. Chilibon, pp.292-295

High quality mechanical etching of brittle materials by powder blasting,
P.J. Slikkerveer, P.C.P. Bouten, F.C.M. de Haas, pp.296-303

A hybrid technology for miniaturised inductive device applications,
E. Belloy, S.E. Gilbert, O. Dezuari, M. Sancho, M.A.M. Gijs, pp. 304-309

Electrodeposition of photoresist: optimization of deposition conditions, investigation of lithographic processes and chemical resistance,
R. Schnupp, R. Baumgartner, R. Kuhnhold, H. Ryssel, pp.310-315

Design and fabrication of on-chip integrated polySiGe and polySi Peltier devices,
D.D.L. Wijngaards, S.H. Kong, M. Bartek, R.F. Wolffenbuttel, pp. 316-323

Hetero-micromachining of epitaxial III/V compound semiconductors,
E. Peiner, K. Fricke, I. Behrens, A. Bakin, A. Schlachetzki, pp.324-329

Wafer bonding by low-temperature soldering,
C. Lee, W.-F. Huang, J.-S. Shie, pp.330-334

Technology and micro-Raman characterization of thick meso-porous silicon layers for thermal effect microsystems, 
S. Perichon, V. Lysenko, P. Roussel, B. Remaki, B. Champagnon, D.Barbier, P. Pinard, pp.335-339

Effect of surfactant on surface quality of silicon microstructures etched in saturated TMAHW solutions,
P.M. Sarro, D. Brida, W.v.d. Vlist, S. Brida, pp.340-345

Laminated, sacrificial-poly MEMS technology in standard CMOS,
D.F. Guillou, S. Santhanam, L.R. Carley, pp.346-355

Free-standing, mobile 3D porous silicon microstructures,
G. Lammel, P. Renaud, pp.356-360

Ultra low noise induction magnetometer for variable temperature operation,
R.J. Prance, T.D. Clark, H. Prance, pp. 361-364

Performance of GaAs micromachined microactuator,
T. Lalinsky, E. Burian, M. Drzk, S. Hasck, Z. Mozolova, J. Kuzmk, Z.Hatzopoulos, pp.365-370

Micro-springs for temporary chip connections,
C. Kruger, D.J. Bartelink, T. Fritz, T. Leuerer, W. Mokwa, U.Schnakenberg, pp.371-376

New photoresist coating method for 3-D structured wafers,
V.G. Kutchoukov, J.R. Mollinger, A. Bossche, pp.377-383

Measuring liquid evaporation from micromachined wells, 
K.T. Hjelt, R. van den Doel, W. Lubking, M.J. Vellekoop, pp.384-389

Initial pits for electrochemical etching in hydrofluoric acid,
H. Ohji, P.J. French, S. Izuo, K. Tsutsumia, pp.390-394

Towards the limits in detecting low-level strain with multiple piezo-resistive sensors,
R. Puers, W. Claes, W. Sansen, M. De Cooman, J. Duyck, I. Naert, pp.395-401

A non-contact passive electromagnetic transmitter to any capacitive sensor - design, theory, and model tests,
R.S. Jachowicz, G. Wojtowicz, J. Weremczuk, pp.402-408

Design of miniature parallel manipulators for integration in a self-propelling endoscope,
J. Peirs, D. Reynaerts, H. Van Brussel, pp.409-417

Acceleration threshold switches from an additive electroplating MEMS process,
S. Michaelis, H.-J. Timme, M. Wycisk, J. Binder, pp. 418-423

Two-dimensional thermally actuated optical microprojector,
S. Schweizer, P. Cousseau, G. Lammel, S. Calmes, P. Renaud, pp.424-429

Characterisation of a fL droplet generator for inhalation drug therapy,
B. de Heij, B. van der Schoot, H. Bo, J. Hess, N.F. de Rooij, pp. 430-434



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