ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 86 /1- 2


Fiber optic temperature sensor with duplex Michleson interferometric,
technique, L.-b. Yuan, L.-m. Zhou, J.-s. Wu, pp. 2-7

A micromachined magnetic-field sensor based on an electron tunneling displacement transducer,
D. DiLella, L.J. Whitman, R.J. Colton, T.W. Kenny, W.J. Kaiser, E.C. Vote, J.A. Podosek, L.M. Miller, pp.8-20

A single-fringe etalon silicon pressure transducer,
D.L. Howard, S.D. Collins, R.L. Smith, pp. 21-25

An ANN-based smart capacitive pressure sensor in dynamic environment,
J.C. Patra, A. van den Bos, A.C. Kot, pp. 26-38

Damping of a vibrating beam,
J. Hietanen, J. Bomer, J. Jonsmann, W. Olthuis, P. Bergveld, K. Kaski, pp.39-44

A differential capacitive low-g microaccelerometer with mg resolution,
F.E.H. Tay, J. Xu, V.J. Logeeswaran, pp.45-51

A contribution to the debate on the resistance-temperature characteristics of thick-film resistor materials,
N. Fawcett, M. Hill, pp. 52-57

Use of a shock tube in investigations of silicon micromachined piezoresistive pressure sensors,
V. Stankevic, C. Simkevicius, pp.58-65

Indirect-coupling ultraviolet-sensitive photodetector with high electrical gain, fast response, and low noise,
F. Qian, R. Schnupp, C.Q. Chen, R. Helbig, H. Ryssel, pp.66-72

Etch rates of (100), (111) and (110) single-crystal silicon in TMAH measured in situ by laser reflectance interferometry, E. Steinsland, T. Finstad, A. Hanneborg, pp.73-80

Elastomeric optical elements with deformable surface topographies: applications to force measurements, tunable light transmission and light focusing, B. Grzybowski, D. Qin, R. Haag, G.M. Whitesides, pp.81-85

The effects of thermal treatment on the anisotropic etching behavior of Cz- and Fz-silicon,
A. Hein, S. Finkbeiner, J. Marek, E. Obermeier, pp.86-90

Wafer bonding of silicon wafers covered with various surface layers,
M. Wiegand, M. Reiche, U. Gosele, K. Gutjahr, D. Stolze, R.Longwitz, E. Hiller, pp. 91-95

Microfabrication of two layer structures of electrically isolated wires using self-assembly to guide the deposition of insulating organic polymer, A.J. Black, P.F. Nealey, J.H. Thywissen, M. Deshpande, N. El-Zein, G.N. Maracas, M. Prentiss, G.M. Whitesides, pp.96-102

Detailed characterization of anodic bonding process between glass and thin-film coated silicon substrates,
T.M.H. Lee, D.H.Y. Lee, C.Y.N. Liaw, A.I.K. Lao, I.-M. Hsing, pp.103-107

Effects of monolithic silicon postulated as an isotropic material on design of microstructures,
G.-S. Chen, M.-S. Ju, Y.-K. Fang, pp.108-114

Shape deterioration of mesa structures in post-CMOS anisotropic etching of silicon microsensors: an experimental study, H. Takao, C.-C. Yong, K. Rajanna, M. Ishida, pp.115-121

Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs high electron mobility transistors with 250 nm gates using conformal phase shift lithography, J. Hu, T. Deng, R.G. Beck, R.M. Westervelt, K.D. Maranowski, A.C. Gossard, G.M. Whitesides, pp.122-126

Micro-opto-mechanical grating switches,
A.Q. Liu, B. Zhao, F. Chollet, Q. Zou, A. Asundi, H. Fujita, pp.127-134

Miniature valveless ultrasonic pumps and mixers, 
J.C. Rife, M.I. Bell, J.S. Horwitz, M.N. Kabler, R.C.Y. Auyeung, W.J. Kim, pp.135-140

A laser-based 2-dimesional angular deflection measurement system for tilting microplates,
H. Kim, J.-K. Kim, H.-J. Shin, pp.141-147



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