ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 87 /1- 2


On the design of a wide range mini-flow paddlewheel flow sensor,
J.S.J. Chen, pp.1-10

Optimization of sensor arrays for beam position estimation,
P.A. Sorichetti^1, C.L. Matteo^2, A.J. Marzocca, pp.11-18

Multi-point strain measurement of composite-bonded concrete materials with a RF-band FMCW multiplexed FBG sensor array, P.K.C. Chan, W. Jin, K.T. Lau, L.M. Zhou, M.S. Demokan, pp.19-25

Lamb wave and plate mode in ZnO/silicon and AlN/silicon membrane -Application to sensors able to operate in contact with liquid, T. Laurent, F.O. Bastien, J.-C. Pommier, A. Cachard, D. Remiens, E.Cattan, pp.26-37

PSPICE modelling of self-heating effects on lateral bipolar magneto-transistors, 
H. Trujillo, A. Nagy, F. Rodriguez, pp.38-45

High aspect-ratio polysilicon micromachining technology,
F. Ayazi, K. Najafi, pp 46-51

Micro-machined electron transparent alumina vacuum windows,
T. Doll, M. Hochberg, D. Barsic, A. Scherer, pp.52-59

A new method for fabrication of stable and reproducible yttria-based thermistors,
A. Banerjee, S.A. Akbar, pp.60-66

Gas-sensitive characteristics of metal/semiconductor polymer Schottky device,
M. Campos, L.O.S. Bulhoes, C.A. Lindino, pp.67-71

Microstereolithography of lead zirconate titanate thick film on silicon substrate,
X.N. Jiang, C. Sun, X. Zhang, B. Xu, Y.H. Ye, pp.72-77

Shear axial modes in a PCTSCM - Part VI: simpler transmission spectral holes,
A. Lakhtakia, pp.78-80

The temperature characteristics of bipolar transistors fabricated in CMOS technology,
G. Wang, G.C.M. Meijer, pp.81-89

A study of nickel silicide film as a mechanical material,
M. Qin, M.C. Poon, C.Y. Yuen, pp.90-95

Prediction of the performance of a Si-micromachined microthruster by computing the subsonic gas flow inside the thruster, C. Rossi, M.D. Rouhani, D. Esteve, pp. 96-104



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