ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 87 /3


Extremely high sensitivity gas detection at 2.3 @mm using a grazing incidence Tm^3^+ fibre laser cavity,
F.J. McAleavey, J. O'Gorman, J.F. Donegan, J. Hegarty, G. Maze, pp.107-112

New SNOM sensor using optical feedback in a VCSEL-based compound-cavity,
C. Gorecki, S. Khalfallah, H. Kawakatsu, Y. Arakawa, pp.113-123

Diesel spray liquid phase measuring device,
M. Marcic, pp.124-130

Large bandwidth and thermal compensated piezoelectric thick-film acceleration transducer,
D. Crescini, D. Marioli, E. Sardini, A. Taroni, pp.131-138

Deep reactive ion etching of Pyrex glass using SF"6 plasma,
X. Li, T. Abe, M. Esashi, pp.139-145

Design of compliant microleverage mechanisms,
X.-P.S. Su, H.S. Yang, pp.146-156

Displacement amplification of electroactive materials using the cymbal flextensional transducer,
R.J. Meyer, A. Dogan, C. Yoon, S.M. Pilgrim, R.E. Newnham, pp.157-162

Silicon anisotropic etching in alkaline solutions IV - The effect of organic and inorganic agents on silicon anisotropic etching process,
I. Zubel, I. Barycka, K. Kotowska, M.x. Kramkowska, pp.163-171

Self-aligned vertical mirror and V-grooves applied to an optical-switch: modeling and optimization of bi-stable operation by electromagnetic actuation, H. Maekoba, P. Helin, G. Reyne, T. Bourouina, H. Fujita, pp.172-178

Piezothermoelastic analysis of an optical beam deflector,
R.-F. Fung, S.-C. Chao, Y.-S. Kung, pp.179-187

Single-chip condenser microphone using porous silicon as sacrificial layer for the air gap,
W. Kronast, B. Muller, W. Siedel, A. Stoffel, pp.188-193

A kinematic analysis of cylindrical ultrasonic micromotors,
P. Lu, K.H. Lee, S.P. Lim, W.Z. Lin, pp.194-197



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