ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 88 /1


Selffocussing phase transmission grating for an integrated optical microspectrometer,
D. Sander, J. Muller, pp.1-9

Si monolithic microbolometers of ferroelectric BST thin film combined with readout FET for uncooled infrared image sensor, 
K. Hashimoto, H. Xu, T. Mukaigawa, R. Kubo, H. Zhu, M. Noda, M. Okuyama, pp.10-19

Mass sensitivity of Love-mode acoustic sensors incorporating silicon dioxide and silicon-oxy-fluoride guiding layers,
G.L. Harding, pp.20-28

Acoustic considerations effecting the design of demodulators for the ultrasonic correlation flow meter,
J.S. Battye, pp.29-40

A simple strain sensor using a thin film as a low-finesse fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometer,
M. Jiang, E. Gerhard, pp.41-46

Sensor based on piezoresistive microcantilever technology,
T.L. Porter, M.P. Eastman, D.L. Pace, M. Bradley, pp.47-51

Characterization and application of multilayer diffraction gratings as optochemical sensors,
N.L. Dmitruk, O.I. Mayeva, S.V. Mamykin, O.B. Yastrubchak, M.Klopfleisch, pp.52-57

Characterization of focused ion beam induced deposition process and parameters calibration,
Y. Fu, N.K.A. Bryan, O.N. Shing, pp.58-66

PTCR characteristic of gelcast BaTiO"3 ceramic thermistor,
Y. Hu, D. Zhou, D. Zhang, W. Lu, pp.67-70

Study of Si(1 0 0) surfaces etched in TMAH solution,
K. Sakaino, S. Adachi, pp.71-78

A ring-shaped piezoelectric transformer operating in the third symmetric extensional vibration mode,
J.H. Hu, H.L. Li, H.L.W. Chan, C.L. Choy, pp.79-86

A novel refractive silicon microlens array using bulk micromachining technology,
C.-S. Lee, C.-H. Han, pp.87-90


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