ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 88 /3


Silicon micromechanical resonator with thick-film printed vibration excitation and detection mechanisms,
S.P. Beeby, N.M. White, pp. 189-197

Improving the response of an accelerometer by using optimal filtering,
W. Hernandez, pp.198-208

A behavioural opto-electro-thermal VCSEL model for simulation of optical links,
F. Mieyeville, G. Jacquemod, F. Gaffiot, M. Belleville, pp. 209-219

A self-filling micropump based on PCB technology,
A. Wego, L. Pagel, pp.220-226

A defect coefficient - new insight into the responses of piezoelectric quartz crystal in gaseous and liquid phases, 
A. Zhou, Q. Xie, S. Yao, pp.227-233

A self-compensated ceramic strain gage for use at elevated temperatures,
O.J. Gregory, Q. Luo, pp.234-240

Deep electrochemical trench etching with organic hydrofluoric electrolytes,
M. Christophersen, P. Merz, J. Quenzer, J. Carstensen, H. Foll, pp.241-246

Micromachining of diamond probes for atomic force microscopy applications,
K. Unno, T. Shibata, E. Makino, pp.247-255

Fabrication of TiNi shape memory micropump,
E. Makino, T. Mitsuya, T. Shibata, pp.256-262

Piezoelectric thin film micromechanical beam resonators, 

D.L. DeVoe, pp.263-272

Improving yield, accuracy and complexity in surface tension self-assembled MOEMS,
R.R.A. Syms, C. Gormley, S. Blackstone, pp.273-283




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