ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 89 /1-2


Deformable magnetic mirror for adaptive optics: technological aspects,
O. Cugat, S. Basrour, C. Divoux, P. Mounaix, G. Reyne, pp.1-9

Direct writing for three-dimensional microfabrication using synchrotron radiation etching,
T. Katoh, N. Nishi, M. Fukagawa, H. Ueno, S. Sugiyama,  pp.10-15

Performance of hydrothermal PZT film on high intensity operation,

T. Kanda, M.K. Kurosawa, H. Yasui, T. Higuchi, pp.16-21

A new uncooled thermal infrared detector using silicon diode,
J.-K. Kim, C.-H. Han, pp.22-27

Thin flexible end-effector using pneumatic balloon actuator,
S. Konishi, F. Kawai, P. Cusin, pp.28-35

A micromachined connector for the coupling of optical waveguides and ribbon optical fibers,
M. de Labachelerie, N. Kaou, V. Armbruster, J.-C. Jeannot, P.Mollier, H. Porte, N. Devoldere, pp.36-42

Glass-to-glass electrostatic bonding with intermediate amorphous silicon film for vacuum packaging of microelectronics and its application, 
D.-J. Lee, Y.-H. Lee, J. Jang, B.-K. Ju, pp.43-48

An audio frequency filter application of micromachined thermally-isolated diaphragm structures,
K.-H. Lee, H.-K. Lee, H.-J. Byun, I.-J. Cho, J.-U. Bu, E. Yoon, pp.49-55

A micropolysilicon high-angular-rate sensor with off-chip wireless transmission,
W.J. Li, T. Mei, W. Sun, pp.56-63

Fabrication of SiCN ceramic MEMS using injectable polymer-precursor technique,
L.-A. Liew, W. Zhang, V.M. Bright, L. An, M.L. Dunn, R. Raj, pp.64-70

A method to evade silicon backside damage in deep reactive ion etching for anodically bonded glass-silicon structures,
T. Matsuura, M. Chabloz, J. Jiao, Y. Yoshida, K. Tsutsumi, pp.71-75

Micromachined, flip-chip assembled, actuatable contacts for use in high density interconnection in electronics packaging,
D.C. Miller, W. Zhang, V.M. Bright, pp.76-87

Monolithically integrated micromachined RF MEMS capacitive switches,
J.Y. Park, G.H. Kim, K.W. Chung, J.U. Bu, pp.88-94

Titanium-alloy MEMS wing technology for a micro aerial vehicle application,
T.N. Pornsin-sirirak, Y.C. Tai, H. Nassef, C.M. Ho, pp.95-103

A resonantly excited 2D-micro-scanning-mirror with large deflection,
H. Schenk, P. Durr, D. Kunze, H. Lakner, H. Kuck, pp.104-111

A micropipettor with integrated sensors,
N. Szita, R. Sutter, J. Dual, R.A. Buser, pp.112-118

Micro fabricated tunable bending stiffness devices,
O. Tabata, S. Konishi, P. Cusin, Y. Ito, F. Kawai, S. Hirai, S. Kawamura, pp.119-123

Phase-only micromirror array fabricated by standard CMOS process,
A. Tuantranont, L.-A. Liew, V.M. Bright, W. Zhang, Y.C. Lee, pp.124-134

An improved TMAH Si-etching solution without attacking exposed aluminum,
G. Yan, P.C.H. Chan, I.-M. Hsing, R.K. Sharma, J.K.O. Sin, Y. Wang, pp.135-141

In situ characterization of CMOS post-process micromachining,
B. Warneke, K.S.J. Pister, pp.142-151

MEMS flow sensors for nano-fluidic applications,
S. Wu, Q. Lin, Y. Yuen, Y.-C. Tai, pp.152-158

Study of a vaporizing water micro-thruster,
X.Y. Ye, F. Tang, H.Q. Ding, Z.Y. Zhou, pp.159-165

PZT actuated micromirror for fine-tracking mechanism of high-density optical data storage,
Y. Yee, H.-J. Nam, S.-H. Lee, J.U. Bu, J.-W. Lee, pp.166-173



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