ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 91 /1-2


Magnetic sensors for automotive applications,

C.P.O. Treutler, pp. 2-6

GMR sensors for contactless position detection,
G. Rieger, K. Ludwig, J. Hauch, W. Clemens, pp. 7-11

Integrated online diagnosis for AMR-based angular measurement systems,
K.C.J. Dietmayer, pp. 12-15

Robust GMR sensors for angle detection and rotation speed sensing,
C. Giebeler, D.J. Adelerhof, A.E.T. Kuiper, J.B.A. van Zon, D. Oelgeschlager, G. Schulz, pp.16-20

Application of La"1"-"xMnO"3 giant magnetoresistance sensors for testing of high-T"C superconducting tapes
J. Bydzovsky, I. Vavra, K. Frohlich, M. Polak, V. Smatko, E. Kovacova, P.Paskevic, pp. 21-25

Magnetic field sensors from polycrystalline manganites,
Y. Xu, U. Memmert, U. Hartmann, pp.26-29

Magnetic field sensors based on Fe/Cr superlattices,
L. Romashev, A. Rinkevich, A. Yuvchenko, A. Burkhanov, pp.30-33

Scanning magneto-resistance microscopy with FIB trimmed yoke-type magneto-resistive tape heads,
G.N. Phillips, M. Eisenberg, N. Persat, E.A. Draaisma, L. Abelmann, J.C.Lodder, pp.34-38

Versatile radiofrequency sensor,
R.P. Borges, M. Bari, J.M.D. Coey, J.F. Gregg, M. Thornton, W. Allen, pp.39-41

GMR and eddy current sensor in use of stress measurement,
W. Ricken, J. Liu, W.-J. Becker, pp. 42-45

Integrated Hall-effect magnetic sensors,
R.S. Popovic, Z. Randjelovic, D. Manic, pp. 46-50

Flat electromagnetic pressure sensor for harsh environments,
B.M. Dutoit, Y. Pilloud, F. Elegibili, P.-A. Besse, R.S. Popovic, pp. 51-56

Ultra-thin pick-up coil for surface flux detection,
G. Hanreich, M. Mundleina, H. Hauser, J. Nicolics, G. Stangl, R.Grossinger, J.H. Espina-Hernandez, pp.57-60

Performance and applications of a two axes fluxgate magnetic field sensor fabricated by a CMOS process,
H. Gruger, R. Gottfried-Gottfried, pp.61-64

Micro-fluxgate sensor with closed core,
P. Ripka, S. Kawahito, S.O. Choi, A. Tipek, M. Ishida, pp.65-69

Non-destructive crack detection by capturing local flux leakage field,
M. Goktepe, pp. 70-72

Eddy current microscopy applied to graphite-epoxy composite,
R. Grimberg, A. Savin, C.R. Rotundu, pp. 73-75

New current transformer device based on non-magnetostrictive amorphous ribbons,
A. Irigoyen, C. Gomez-Polo, J. Perez-Conde, pp.76-79

Electromagnetic micro-device realized by electrochemical way,
A.-L. Coutrot, E. Dufour-Gergam, E. Martincic, J.-P. Gilles, J.-P.Grandchamp, J.-M. Quemper, A. Bosseboeuf, F. Alves, B. Ahamada, pp.80-84

Sensitive micro magnetic sensor family utilizing magneto-impedance (MI) and stress-impedance (SI) effects for intelligent measurements and controls, K. Mohri, T. Uchiyama, L.P. Shen, C.M. Cai, L.V. Panina, pp.85-90

A coily magnetostrictive delay line arrangement for sensing applications,
E. Hristoforou, D. Niarchos, H. Chiriac, M. Neagu, pp.91-94

Magnetoelastic sensor based on GMI of amorphous microwire,
A.F. Cobeno, A. Zhukov, J.M. Blanco, V. Larin, J. Gonzalez, pp.95-98

Magnetoelastic sensor as a probe for muscular activity - An in vivo experiment,
E. Pina, E. Burgos, C. Prados, J.M. Gonzalez, A. Hernando, M.C. Iglesias, J. Poch, C. Franco, pp.99-102

New magnetostrictive type torque sensor for steering shaft,
H. Wakiwaka, M. Mitamura, pp.103-106

Magneto-surface-acoustic-waves microdevice using thin film technology: design and fabrication process,
H. Chiriac, M. Pletea, E. Hristoforou, pp.107-111

New viscosimeter based on the ac field induced rotation of magnetostrictive amorphous wires,
M. Vazquez, F.J. Castano, T.-A. Ovari, V. Raposo, A. Hernando, pp.112-115

Giant magnetoimpedance strip and coil sensors,
G.V. Kurlyandskaya, A. Garca-Arribas, J.M. Barandiaran, E. Kisker, pp.116-119

Low temperature magnetic sensor based on the age-hardenable Fe-Cr-Ni alloy,
V.A. Desnenko, E.L. Fertman, pp.120-122

Potential application of innovative magnetoelastic resonators for vibration detection,
G. Ausanio, V. Iannotti, C. Luponio, L. Lanotte, R. Germano, A. D'Agostino, M. Inverno, R. Sorrentino, pp. 123-125

Application potential of magnetic field driven new actuators,
H. Janocha, pp.126-132

High-power, low frequency magnetostrictive actuation for anti-vibration applications,
P.A. Bartlett, S.J. Eaton, J. Gore, W.J. Metheringham, A.G. Jenner, pp.133-136

Efficiency characteristics of linear dc motor by using a novel measuring method,
T. Mizuno, T. Yaegashi, H. Yamamoto, K. Shibuya, H. Yamada, pp.137-140

Swimming micro-machine driven by magnetic torque,
K. Ishiyama, M. Sendoh, A. Yamazaki, K.I. Arai, pp.141-144

Thinfilm technologies to fabricate a linear microactuator,
M. Fohse, T. Kohlmeier, H.H. Gatzen, pp. 145-149

Current to pressure transducer with magnetic fluid,
R. Olaru, C. Pal, C. Petrescu, pp.150-152

Exchange anisotropy, interlayer exchange coupling and GMR in research and application,
P.A. Grunberg, pp.153-160

Magnetotransport in magnetic semiconductors and possible applications,
S. von Molnar, pp.161-165

Fabrication technology for miniaturization of the spin-valve transistor,
S.D. Kim, O.M.J. van't Erve, R. Jansen, P.S. Anil Kumar, R. Vlutters, J.C.Lodder, pp.166-168

Giant magnetoresistance and magnetism of heterogeneous CoCu produced by ion-beam techniques,
U.K. Roszler, J. Noetzel, A. Tselev, K. Nenkov, A. Handstein, D. Eckert, K.-H. Muller, pp.169-172

Giant magnetoresistance of semimagnetic semiconductors and applications for magnetic field sensors,
A.I. Savchuk, P.I. Nikitin, S.Y. Paranchych, M.D. Andriychuk, S.I. Nikitin, pp.173-176

Fe/Cr sensor for the milliKelvin temperature range,
I. Vavra, J. Bydzovsky, K. Flachbart, J. Tejada, L. Kopera, E. Kovacova, K.Temst, Y. Bruynseraede, pp. 177-179 

GMR study leading to sensor fabrication on the Ag-Co system,
M. Angelakeris, P. Poulopoulos, O. Valassiades, N.K. Flevaris, D. Niarchos, A. Nassiopoulou, pp.180-183

Magnetoresistance of heteroepitaxial La"0"."7Sr"0"."3MnO"3/SrTiO"3 multilayers,
T. Walter, K.-H. Muller, K. Dorr, M. Sahana, K. Nenkov, K. Brand, L.Schultz, pp.184-187

Sequential and coherent electron tunneling in ferromagnetic planar junctions,
M. Wilczynski, J. Barnas, pp.188-191

Noise properties of the spin-valve transistor,
O.M.J. van't Erve, P.S. Anil Kumar, R. Jansen, S.D. Kim, R. Vlutters, J.C.Lodder, A.A. Smits, W.J.M. de Jonge, pp.192-195

Local magnetic properties and magnetostatic interactions of permalloy microstripes,
E.E. Shalyguina, K.-H. Shin, N.M. Abrosimova, pp.196-198

Magneto-impedance measurements of amorphous Fe"6"2"."5Co"6Ni"7"."5Zr"6Cu"1Nb"2B"1"5 with improved magneto-elastic properties,
P. Allia, M. Coisson, A. Stantero, P. Tiberto, F. Vinai, G. Ausanio, L.Lanotte, pp.199-202

Comparison between magneto-impedance properties of Fe"7"3"."5Cu"3Nb"1Si"1"3"."5B"9 melt-spun and glass-covered wires, pp.203-206
L. Brunetti, M. Coisson, P. Tiberto, F. Vinai, H. Chiriac, F. Borza, 

Magneto-impedance response in ring shaped amorphous wires,
T.-A. Ovari, H. Chiriac, C.S. Marinescu, F.J. Castano, M. Vazquez, A.Hernando, pp.207-209

Exchange magnetostriction in TbFe/FeCuNbSiB multilayers, 
T. Shima, H. Takahashi, K. Takanashi, H. Fujimori, pp.210-213

The influence of adsorption of water molecules on magnetic susceptibility of amorphous ferromagnets,
V.E. Zubov, A.D. Kudakov, N.L. Levshin, T.S. Fedulova, pp.214-217

Applications of amorphous samples presenting high magnetomechanical coupling during the first stages of nanocrystallisation process,
P. Marn, M. Lopez, P. Agudo, M. Vazquez, A. Hernando, pp.218-222

Force measurements using Fe-rich amorphous wire as magnetostrictive delay line,
H. Chiriac, E. Hristoforou, M. Neagu, F. Borza, pp.223-225

Comparative study of alternative circuit configurations for inductive sensors,
K. Diaz de Lezana, A. Garca-Arribas, J.M. Barandiaran, J. Gutierrez, pp.226-229

A method for calculating the magnetic field produced by a coil of any shape,
A. Garca, J.A. Carrasco, J.F. Soto, F. Maganto, C. Moron, pp.230-232

Magnetic gradiometry: a new method for magnetic gradient measurements,
A.V. Veryaskin, pp.233-235





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