ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 91 /3


Date : 15-Jul-2001


Alkene based monolayer films as anti-stiction coatings for polysilicon MEMS,
W.R. Ashurst, C. Yau, C. Carraro, C. Lee, G.J. Kluth, R.T. Howe, R.Maboudian, pp.239-248

Analysis and testing of a silicon intrinsic-point heater in a micropropulsion application,
R.L. Bayt, K.S. Breuer, pp.249-255

MEMS-based series and shunt variable capacitors for microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies,
Z. Feng, H. Zhang, K.C. Gupta, W. Zhang, V.M. Bright, Y.C. Lee, pp.256-265

A mixed-signal sensor interface microinstrument,
K.L. Kraver, M.R. Guthaus, T.D. Strong, P.L. Bird, G.S. Cha, W. Hold, R.B. Brown, pp.266-277

Linear, nonlinear and mixed-regime analysis of electrostatic MEMS,
G. Li, N.R. Aluru, pp.278-291

Nanometer precision positioning robots utilizing optimized scratch drive actuators,
R.J. Linderman, V.M. Bright, pp.292-300

A novel design on a CD disc for 2-point calibration measurement,
M.J. Madou, Y. Lu, S. Lai, C.G. Koh, L.J. Lee, B.R. Wenner, pp.301-306

A MEMS radio-frequency ion mobility spectrometer for chemical vapor detection,
R.A. Miller, E.G. Nazarov, G.A. Eiceman, A. Thomas King, pp.307-318

Surface micromachined piezoelectric resonant beam filters,
B. Piekarski, D. DeVoe, M. Dubey, R. Kaul, J. Conrad, pp.319-326

Atomic force microscope for planetary applications,
T. Akiyama, S. Gautsch, N.F. de Rooij, U. Staufer, P. Niedermann, L.Howald, D. Muller, A. Tonin, H.-R. Hidber, W.T. Pike, M.H. Hecht, pp.327-331

Active frequency tuning for micro resonators by localized thermal stressing effects,
T. Remtema, L. Lin, pp.332-338

A vertical micromachined resistive heater for a micro-gas separation column,
J.K. Robertson, pp.339-345

On-chip eddy current sensor for proximity sensing and crack detection,
D.J. Sadler, C.H. Ahn, pp.346-351

Latching microelectromagnetic relays,
M. Ruan, J. Shen, C.B. Wheeler, pp.352-356

A multifunctional silicon-based microscale surgical system,
I.-S. Son, A. Lal, B. Hubbard, T. Olsen, pp.357-362

A microelectrode array for real-time neurochemical and neuroelectrical recording in vitro,
T.D. Strong, H.C. Cantor, R.B. Brown, pp.363-368

Optical beam steering using MEMS-controllable microlens array,
A. Tuantranont, V.M. Bright, J. Zhang, W. Zhang, J.A. Neff, Y.C. Lee, pp.369-378

Residual stress and fracture in thick tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) and silane-based PECVD oxide films,
X. Zhang, K.-S. Chen, R. Ghodssi, A.A. Ayon, S.M. Spearing, pp.379-386

Anisotropic silicon trenches 300-500 mm deep employing time multiplexed deep etching (TMDE),
A.A. Ayon, X. Zhang, R. Khanna, pp.387-391

Integration of sputtered silicon microstructures with pre-fabricated CMOS circuitry, 
K.A. Honer, G.T.A. Kovacs, pp.392-403

Hermetic wafer bonding based on rapid thermal processing,
M. Chiao, L. Lin, pp.404-408




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