ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 92 /1-3


Date : 01-Aug-2001

CMOS-based microsensors and packaging,
H. Baltes, O. Brand, pp.1-9

Optimization of semiconductor dew point hygrometer mirrors surface temperature homogeneity,
J. Weremczuk, Z. Gniazdowski, J.M. Lysko, R.S. Jachowicz, pp.10-15

High-pressure silicon sensor with low-cost packaging,
K. Birkelund, P. Gravesen, S. Shiryaev, P.B. Rasmussen, M.D. Rasmussen, pp.16-22

Chip-size-packaged silicon microphones,
M. Mullenborn, P. Rombach, U. Klein, K. Rasmussen, J.F. Kuhmann, M. Heschel, M.A. Gravad, J. Janting, J. Branebjerg, A.C. Hoogerwerf, S.Bouwstra, pp.23-29

Symmetrical core improves micro-fluxgate sensors, 
P. Ripka, S.O. Choi, A. Tipek, S. Kawahito, M. Ishida, pp.30-36

Tracking system with five degrees of freedom using a 2D-array of Hall sensors and a permanent magnet,
V. Schlageter, P.-A. Besse, R.S. Popovic, P. Kucera, pp.37-42

Is ellipsometry suitable for sensor applications?
H. Arwin, pp.43-51

Microspectrometer based on a tunable optical filter of porous silicon,
G. Lammel, S. Schweizer, P. Renaud, pp.52-59

New p-i-n Si:H imager configuration for spatial resolution improvement,
M. Vieira, M. Fernandes, J. Martins, P.L. Antunes, A. Macarico, R. Schwarz, M.B. Schubert, pp.60-66

Magneto-optical current transformer of high bandwidth and large temperature range,
Y.S. Didosyan, H. Hauser, F. Haberl, pp.67-73

Particle detection using an integrated capacitance sensor,
T.A. York, I.G. Evans, Z. Pokusevski, T. Dyakowski, pp.74-79

A CMOS humidity sensor with on-chip calibration,
Y.Y. Qiu, C. Azeredo-Leme, L.R. Alcacer, J.E. Franca, pp.80-87

Infrared micro-spectrometer based on a diffraction grating,
S.H. Kong, D.D.L. Wijngaards, R.F. Wolffenbuttel, pp.88-95

Modular design of AFM probe with sputtered silicon tip,
P.A. Rasmussen, J. Thaysen, S. Bouwstra, A. Boisen, pp.96-101

DP flow sensor using optical fibre Bragg grating,
J. Lim, Q.P. Yang, B.E. Jones, P.R. Jackson, pp.102-108

Downscaling aspects of a conductivity detector for application in on-chip capillary electrophoresis,
F. Laugere, G.W. Lubking, A. Berthold, J. Bastemeijer, M.J. Vellekoop, pp.109-114

Miniaturized magnetostrictive delay line arrangement using multilayer-like structure,
M. Pletea, H. Chiriac, E. Hristoforou, pp.115-118

Integrated vector sensor and magnetic compass using a novel 3D Hall structure,
C. Roumenin, K. Dimitrov, A. Ivanov, pp.119-122

New plasma Hall effect magnetic sensors: macrosensors versus microsensors,
Y.H. Seo, K.-H. Han, Y.-H. Cho, pp.123-131

Non-destructive evaluation distribution sensors based on magnetostrictive delay lines,
E. Hristoforou, D. Niarchos, H. Chiriac, M. Neagu, pp.132-136

Magnetic position sensor based on nanocrystalline colossal magnetoresistances,
O.J. Gonzalez, E. Castano, J.C. Castellano, F.J. Gracia, pp.137-143

Velocity field of the fully developed laminar flow in a hexagonal duct,
N. Damean, P.P.L. Regtien, pp.144-151

ITO/SiOx/Si optical sensor with internal gain,
M. Fernandes, Y. Vygranenko, R. Schwarz, M. Vieira, pp.152-155

Highly sensitive triaxial silicon accelerometer with integrated PZT thin film detectors,
K. Kunz, P. Enoksson, G. Stemme, pp.156-160

Resonant accelerometer with self-test, 
M. Aikele, K. Bauer, W. Ficker, F. Neubauer, U. Prechtel, J. Schalk, H.Seidel, pp.161-167

Microprocessor implemented self-validation of thick-film PZT/silicon accelerometer,
S.P. Beeby, N.J. Grabham, N.M. White, pp.168-174

Influence of silicon anisotropy on the sensitivity of Hall devices and on the accuracy of magnetic angular sensors, 
F. Burger, P.-A. Besse, R.S. Popovic, pp.175-181

Theory, modeling and characterization of PZT-on-alumina resonant piezo-layers as acoustic-wave mass sensors, 
V. Ferrari, D. Marioli, A. Taroni, pp.182-190

Ge-film resistance and Si-based diode temperature microsensors for cryogenic applications,
N.S. Boltovets, V.V. Kholevchuk, R.V. Konakova, V.F. Mitin, E.F. Venger, pp.191-196

A new sensor structure using the piezojunction effect in PNP lateral transistors,
F. Fruett, G.C.M. Meijer, pp.197-202

A high-performance scintillator-silicon-well X-ray microdetector based on DRIE techniques,
J.G. Rocha, J.H. Correia, pp.203-207

pp 208-213
Patterning of polyimide and metal in deep trenches,
V.G. Kutchoukov, J.R. Mollinger, M. Shikida, A. Bossche

Plasma assisted room temperature bonding for MST,
A. Weinert, P. Amirfeiz, S. Bengtsson, pp.214-222

Sodium distribution in thin-film anodic bonding,
M.M. Visser, S. Weichel, P. Storas, R. de Reus, A.B. Hanneborg, pp.223-228

Conformal coatings for 3D multichip microsystem encapsulation,
J. Janting, J. Branebjerg, P. Rombach, pp.229-234

Low temperature full wafer adhesive bonding of structured wafers,
F. Niklaus, H. Andersson, P. Enoksson, G. Stemme, pp.235-241

Electroplating and characterization of cobalt-nickel-iron and nickel-iron for magnetic microsystems applications, 
F.E. Rasmussen, J.T. Ravnkilde, P.T. Tang, O. Hansen, S. Bouwstra, pp.242-248

Fabrication and testing of custom vacuum encapsulations deposited by focused ion beam direct-write CVD,
R. Puers, S. Reyntjens, pp.249-256

Sensitivity-improved silicon condenser microphone with a novel single deeply corrugated diaphragm,
X. Li, R. Lin, H. Kek, J. Miao, Q. Zou, pp.257-262

A low-voltage integrated CMOS analog lock-in amplifier prototype for LAPS applications,
G. Ferri, P. De Laurentiis, A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, pp.263-272

A beam-forming transmit ASIC for driving ultrasonic arrays,
J.V. Hatfield, K.S. Chai, pp.273-279

A wind-sensor interface using thermal sigma delta modulation techniques,
K.A.A. Makinwa, J.H. Huijsing, pp.280-285

A study on the elimination of micro-cracks in a sparked silicon surface,
X. Song, D. Reynaerts, W. Meeusen, H. Van Brussel, pp.286-291

Surface micromachined ring test structures to determine mechanical properties of compressive thin films,
T. Kramer, O. Paul, pp.292-298

Simulation procedure to improve piezoresistive microsensors used for monitoring ball bonding,
R. Osorio, M. Mayer, J. Schwizer, J.G. Korvink, H. Baltes, pp.299-304

Wireless energy transfer for stand-alone systems: a comparison between low and high power applicability,
G. Vandevoorde, R. Puers, pp.305-311

A low-voltage torsional actuator for application in RF-microswitches,
F. Plotz, S. Michaelis, R. Aigner, H.-J. Timme, J. Binder, R. Noe, pp.312-317

Magnetorheologic fluids for actuators, 
L. Zipser, L. Richter, U. Lange, pp.318-325

Laser interferometric measurement of displacement-field characteristics of piezoelectric actuators and actuator materials, 
H. Moilanen, S. Leppavuori, pp.326-334

Design and fabrication of a new vibration-based electromechanical power generator,
M. El-hami, P. Glynne-Jones, N.M. White, M. Hill, S. Beeby, E. James, A.D.Brown, J.N. Ross, pp.335-342

A miniature manipulator for integration in a self-propelling endoscope,
J. Peirs, D. Reynaerts, H. Van Brussel, pp.343-349

Microfabrication of a high pressure bipropellant rocket engine,
A.P. London, A.A. Ayon, A.H. Epstein, S.M. Spearing, T. Harrison, Y. Peles, J.L. Kerrebrock, pp.351-357

Oblique powder blasting for three-dimensional micromachining of brittle materials,
E. Belloy, A. Sayah, M.A.M. Gijs, pp.358-363

A new bonding technique for human skin humidity sensors,
G. Hanreich, J. Nicolics, M. Mundlein, H. Hauser, R. Chabicovsky, pp.364-369

Proton beam micromachining: a new tool for precision three-dimensional microstructures,
J.A. van Kan, A.A. Bettiol, B.S. Wee, T.C. Sum, S.M. Tang, F. Watt, pp.370-374

Investigation of TMAH for front-side bulk micromachining process from manufacturing aspect,
J.-j. Tsaur, C.-H. Du, C. Lee, pp.375-383

Macroporous-based micromachining on full wafers,
H. Ohji, S. Izuo, P.J. French, K. Tsutsumi, pp.384-387

Powder blasting for the realisation of microchips for bio-analytic applications,
D. Solignac, A. Sayah, S. Constantin, R. Freitag, M.A.M. Gijs, pp.388-393

New porous silicon formation technology using internal current generation with galvanic elements,
A. Splinter, J. Sturmann, W. Benecke, pp.394-399



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