ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 93 /1


Date : 25-Aug-2001

Acceleration sensor based on high-Q optical microsphere resonator and pedestal antiresonant reflecting waveguide coupler, 
J.-P. Laine, C. Tapalian, B. Little, H. Haus, pp.1-7

Electrochemical deposition and characterization of conducting polymer polypyrrole/PSS on multichannel neural probes, 
X. Cui, J.F. Hetke, J.A. Wiler, D.J. Anderson, D.C. Martin, pp.8-18

Study of contacts in an electrostatically actuated microswitch,
S. Majumder, N.E. McGruer, G.G. Adams, P.M. Zavracky, R.H. Morrison, J.Krim, pp.19-26

Thermal vacuum sensor with compensation of heat transfer,
T.M. Berlicki, pp.27-32

Design and application of a wireless, passive, resonant-circuit environmental monitoring sensor,
K.G. Ong, C.A. Grimes, C.L. Robbins, R.S. Singh, pp.33-43

Analysis characterisation and optimisation of temperature coefficient parameters in capacitive pressure sensors, 
G. Blasquez, C. Douziech, P. Pons, pp.44-47

Carrier transport in a position sensitive detector based on an ITO/a-Si:H/Pd structure,
N. Nedev, S.S. Georgiev, D. Sueva, N. Smirnov, A. Toneva, pp.48-51

Pressure profile sensing system,
M. Knoll, G. Schwartenbeck, J. Eshold, B. Rosz, pp.52-56

Miniature conical transducer realized by excimer laser micro-machining technique,
Y.-C. Lee, S.H. Kuo, pp.57-62

Locally selective bonding of silicon and glass with laser,
M.J. Wild, A. Gillner, R. Poprawe, pp.63-69

Tensile-mode fatigue testing of silicon films as structural materials for MEMS,
T. Ando, M. Shikida, K. Sato, pp.70-75

An optimized process for the production of advanced planar wire grid plates as detectors for high energy physics experiments,
F. Iacopi, O. Devroede, R. Pins, R. Van Hoof, M. Honore, V. Zhukov, L. Van Lancker, W. Van Doninck, E. Beyne, pp.76-83

Enhancement of PTCR effect of semiconducting Ba1-xSrxTiO3 by Sb2O3 vapor, 
J. Qi, Z. Gui, Y. Wu, L. Li, pp.84-85

Characteristics and fabrication of NiTi/Si diaphragm micropump,
D. Xu, L. Wang, G. Ding, Y. Zhou, A. Yu, B. Cai, pp.87-92

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List of SNA Conferences, p. 94



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