ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 93 /2


Date : 30-Sep-2001


Investigations on thermo-pneumatic volume actuators based on PCB technology,
A. Wego, H.-W. Glock, L. Pagel, S. Richter, pp.95-102

Analysis of split-current magnetic field sensitive resistors,
J.W.A. von Kluge, pp.103-108

The application of parametric 3D finite element modelling techniques to evaluate the performance of a magnetic sensor system, 
S. Johnstone, A.J. Peyton, pp.109-116

Substrate effects on the properties of the pyroelectric thin film IR detectors,
J.S. Ko, W. Liu, W. Zhu, pp.117-122

A piezoelectric array for sensing vibration modal coordinates,
H. Sumali, K. Meissner, H.H. Cudney, pp.123-131

The characteristic behavior of TMAH water solution for anisotropic etching on both Silicon substrate and SiO2 layer,
P.-H. Chen, H.-Y. Peng, C.-M. Hsieh, M.K. Chyu, pp.132-137

The effect of isopropyl alcohol on etching rate and roughness of (1 0 0) Si surface etched in KOH and TMAH solutions, 
I. Zubel, M. Kramkowska, pp.138-147

Manufacturing issues of thin film NiTi microwrapper, 
J.J. Gill, D.T. Chang, L.A. Momoda, G.P. Carman, pp.148-156

A tetrahedral three-facet micro mirror with the inclined deep X-ray process,
D.-Y. Oh, K. Gil, S.S. Chang, D.K. Jung, N.Y. Park, S.S. Lee, pp.157-161

A single-crystal Si-resonator with on-chip readout amplifier in standard CMOS,
A. Bertz, H. Symanzik, C. Steiniger, A. Hoffer, K. Griesbach, K.Stegemann, G. Ebest, T. Gessner, pp. 163-172

Analytical solutions for the dynamic analysis of a valveless micropump - a fluid-membrane coupling study,
L.S. Pan, T.Y. Ng, G.R. Liu, K.Y. Lam, T.Y. Jiang, pp.173-181

Conference Calendar, pp.182

List of SNA Conferences, pp.183



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