ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 93 /3


Date : 15-Oct-2001

A portable single axis magnetic gradiometer,
J.M.G. Merayo, J.R. Petersen, O.V. Nielsen, F. Primdahl, P. Brauer, pp.185-196

Using fiber gratings in the short-length sensors based on micromechanical vibrations,
G.A. Gurchonok, I.A. Djodjua, S.R. Amirova, T.V. Tulaikova, pp.197-205

The temperature characteristic of fiber-optic pre-embedded concrete bar sensor,
L.-b. Yuan, W. Jin, L.-m. Zhou, K.-t. Lau, pp.206-213

Development of implantable detection microcoils for minimally invasive NMR spectroscopy,
L. Berry, L. Renaud, P. Kleimann, P. Morin, M. Armenean, H.Saint-Jalmes, pp.214-218

Micromorphology of single crystalline silicon surfaces during anisotropic wet chemical etching in KOH and TMAH,
E. van Veenendaal, K. Sato, M. Shikida, J. van Suchtelen, pp.219-231

Micro-morphology of single crystalline silicon surfaces during anisotropic wet chemical etching in KOH: velocity source forests, pp.232-242
E. van Veenendaal, K. Sato, M. Shikida, A.J. Nijdam, J. van Suchtelen,

Detecting mechanical impedance of structures using the sensing capability of a piezoceramic inertial actuator,
S.-F. Ling, Y. Xie, pp.243-249

Tribological evaluation of carbon coatings with and without nitrogen incorporation applicable to MicroElectroMechanical systems, 
D.F. Wang, K. Kato, pp. 251-257

The diagnostic micromachined beams on (1 1 1) substrate,
H.-H. Hu, H.-Y. Lin, W. Fang, B.C.S. Chou, pp.258-265

Ultrasonic micromixer for microfluidic systems,
Z. Yang, S. Matsumoto, H. Goto, M. Matsumoto, R. Maeda, pp.266-272

Mechanical design and optimization of capacitive micromachined switch,
J.-M. Huang, K.M. Liew, C.H. Wong, S. Rajendran, M.J. Tan, A.Q. Liu, pp.273-285




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