ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 94 /1-2


Date : 31-Oct-2001


Sensors characterizations for regional boundary detectability in distributed parameter systems,

R. Al-Saphory, A. El Jai, pp.1-10


Classification of materials using temperature response curve fitting and fuzzy neural network,

Y.-J. Ryoo, Y.-C. Lim, K.-H. Kim,  pp.11-18


Load characterization of high displacement piezoelectric actuators with various end conditions,

J. Mulling, T. Usher, B. Dessent, J. Palmer, P. Franzon, E. Grant, A.Kingon, pp.19-24


Fiber optic 2-D sensor for measuring the strain inside the concrete specimen,

L. Yuan, Q. Li, Y. Liang, J. Yang, Z. Liu, pp.25-31


Anemometer with hot platinum thin film,

F. Mailly, A. Giani, R. Bonnot, P. Temple-Boyer, F. Pascal-Delannoy,A. Foucaran, A. Boyer, pp.32-38


An alternative measurement method for magneto-impedance effect in amorphous alloys,

F. Atalay, S. Atalay, pp.39-43


Role of parasitics in humidity sensing by porous silicon,

J. Das, S.M. Hossain, S. Chakraborty, H. Saha, pp.44-52


Electrical modeling of a pressure sensor MOSFET,

J.-M. Sallese, W. Grabinski, V. Meyer, C. Bassin, P. Fazan, pp.53-58


Integrated InAs/GaSb 3D magnetic field sensors for ''the intelligent tire''

O. Yilmazoglu, M. Brandt, J. Sigmund, E. Genc, H.L. Hartnagel, pp.59-63 


Integrated magnetic field sensor based on magnetoresistive spin valve structures

J.L. Prieto, N. Rouse, N.K. Todd, D. Morecroft, J. Wolfman, J.E.Evetts, M.G. Blamire, pp.64-68


Fiber optical liquid level sensor under cryogenic environment,

C. Yang, S. Chen, G. Yang, pp.69-75 


The influence of atomic configuration of (h k l) planes on adsorption processes associated with anisotropic etching of silicon,

I. Zubel, pp.76-86


Etching characteristics and mechanical properties of a-SiC:H thin films,

U. Schmid, M. Eickhoff, C. Richter, G. Krotz, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, pp.87-94


On-line measurement of the straightness of seamless steel pipes using machine vision technique,

R.S. Lu, Y.F. Li, Q. Yu, pp.95-101


A new disc-type ultrasonic motor,

P.-A. Juang, H.-J. Hardtke, pp.102-111


A piezoelectric spherical motor with two degree-of-freedom

M. Hu, H. Du, S.-F. Ling, J.-K. Teo, pp.113-116


Design and simulation of an implantable medical drug delivery system using microelectromechanical systems technology,

L. Cao, S. Mantell, D. Polla, pp.117-125 


Acoustrical Imaging, Vol. 25 - M. Halliwell, P.N.T. Wells (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Plenum Press, New York, USA, 2000, 565 pp., ISBN 0-306-46516-7 A.F.W. van der Steen, pp.126



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