ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 95 /1

Date : 15-Dec-2001


A method for the determination of three Euler angles for the SAC-C satellite magnetic mapper probe instrument package, P.S. Jorgensen, J.M.G. Merayo, T. Risbo, pp. 1-7. Abstract.


Analysis of heat flow in optical fiber devices that use microfabricated thin film heaters,

T.R. Salamon, J.A. Rogers, B.J. Eggleton, pp. 8-16. Abstract.


Thermal effects on coated resonant microcantilevers,

F. Shen, P. Lu, S.J. O'Shea, K.H. Lee, T.Y. Ng, pp.17-23, Abstract.


Uncooled thermopile infrared detector with chromium oxide absorption layer,

S.J. Lee, Y.H. Lee, S.H. Suh, Y.J. Oh, T.Y. Kim, M.H. Oh, C.J. Kim,B.K. Ju, pp. 24-28. Abstract.


A wireless batch sealed absolute capacitive pressure sensor,

O. Akar, T. Akin, K. Najafi, pp. 29-38, Abstract.


New thick-film material for piezoresistive sensors,

S. Tankiewicz, B. Morten, M. Prudenziati, L.J. Golonka, pp 39-45, Abstract.


Influence of lithium modification on the properties of Y-doped Sr0.5Pb0.5TiO3 thermistors,

J. Zhao, L. Li, Z. Gui, pp 46-50. Abstract.


 A novel technique to detect hot spots in high temperature boilers,

J.K.L. Lai, C.H. Shek, K.W. Wong, pp. 51-54. Abstract.


Phase synchronization of micro-mirror arrays using elastic linkages,

L.-J. Yang, C.-W. Liu, P. Chang, pp.55-60. Abstract.


Cyclic fatigue and creep of electroformed micromachines,

D.R. Sparks, M.I. Chia, G.Q. Jiang, pp. 61-68. Abstracts.


Design and fabrication of CMOS optical modulator,

C.-L. Dai, H.-L. Chen, L.-B. Yu, C.-H. Lin, P.-Z. Chang, pp. 69-74, Abstract.


Conference Calendar, pp. 75


List of Conferences, pp. 76



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