ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 95 /2-3


Date : 01-Jan-2002


A high density microchannel network with integrated valves and photodiodes,

D. Baechi, R. Buser, J. Dual, pp.77-83, Abstract.


Micromachined Faraday cup array using deep reactive ion etching,

R.B. Darling, A.A. Scheidemann, K.N. Bhat, T.-C. Chen, pp. 84-93. Abstract.


Micromachined barbed spikes for mechanical chip attachment,

P. Griss, P. Enoksson, G. Stemme, pp. 94-99. Abstract.


A passive wireless integrated humidity sensor,

T.J. Harpster, B. Stark, K. Najafi, pp.100-107. Abstract.


A new monolithic microbiosensor for whole blood analysis,

J.-H. Kim, B.-G. Kim, J.-B. Yoon, E. Yoon, C.-H. Han, pp.108-113. Abstract.


A monolithic inkjet print head: DomeJet,

S.-W. Lee, H.-C. Kim, K. Kuk, Y.-S. Oh, pp.114-119. Abstract.


Fabrication of SiCN MEMS by photopolymerization of pre-ceramic polymer,

L.-A. Liew, Y. Liu, R. Luo, T. Cross, L. An, V.M. Bright, M.L. Dunn, J.W. Daily, R. Raj, pp. 120-134. Abstract.


Development of the micro rotary fan, 

R.J. Linderman, P.E. Kladitis, V.M. Bright, pp 135-142. Abstract.


Application of microforging to SiCN MEMS fabrication,

Y. Liu, L.-A. Liew, R. Luo, L. An, M.L. Dunn, V.M. Bright, J.W.Daily, R. Raj, pp.143-151. Abstract.


Flip-chip fabrication of advanced micromirror arrays,

M. Adrian Michalicek, V.M. Bright, pp.152-167. Abstract.


Near-field recording with high optical throughput aperture array,

P.N. Minh, T. Ono, S. Tanaka, K. Goto, M. Esashi, pp.168-174. Abstract.


CMOS-MEMS membrane for audio-frequency acoustic actuation,

J.J. Neumann, K.J. Gabriel, pp.175-182. Abstract.


Large stroke actuation of continuous membrane for adaptive optics by 3D self-assembled microplates,

E. Quevy, P. Bigotte, D. Collard, L. Buchaillot, pp.183-195. Abstract.


The first low voltage, low noise differential silicon microphone, technology development and measurement results,

P. Rombach, M. Mullenborn, U. Klein, K. Rasmussen, pp.196-201. Abstract.


MEMS techniques applied to the fabrication of anti-scatter grids for X-ray imaging,

V. Lehmann, S. Ronnebeck, pp.202-207. Abstract.


Multi-source power supply system using micro-photovoltaic devices combined with microwave antenna,

T. Sakakibara, H. Izua, T. Shibata, H. Tarui, K. Shibata, S. Kiyama, N. Kawahara, pp.208-211. Abstract.


Vertical comb-finger capacitive actuation and sensing for CMOS-MEMS,

H. Xie, G.K. Fedder, pp. 212-221. Abstract.


Acoustic impedance control through structural tuning by pneumatic balloon actuators,

M. Yoda, S. Konishi, pp.222-226. Abstract.


Fabrication of micro electro-rheological valves (ER valves) by micromachining and experiments,

K. Yoshida, M. Kikuchi, J.-H. Park, S. Yokota, pp.227-233. Abstract.


Ciliary motion actuator using self-oscillating gel,

O. Tabata, H. Hirasawa, S. Aoki, R. Yoshida, E. Kokufuta, pp. 234-238. Abstract.


Decoupled microgyros and the design principle DAVED,

W. Geiger, W.U. Butt, A. Gaiszer, J. Frech, M. Braxmaier, T. Link, A. Kohne, P. Nommensen, H. Sandmaier, W. Lang, H. Sandmaier, pp.239-249. Abstract.


A novel strategy for the design of multiple reaction systems for genetic analysis,

M. Krishnan, S.N. Brahmasandra, D.T. Burke, C.H. Mastrangelo, M.A.Burns, pp.250-258. Abstract.


Electrowetting and electrowetting-on-dielectric for microscale liquid handling, 

J. Lee, H. Moon, J. Fowler, T. Schoellhammer, C.-J. Kim, pp.259-268. Abstract.


Selective drive of electrostatic actuators using remote inductive powering,

S. Takeuchi, I. Shimoyama, pp.269-273. Abstract.


A prototype of ultrasonic micro-degassing device for portable dialysis system,

Z. Yang, S. Matsumoto, R. Maeda, pp.274-280. Abstract.


Fabrication of single-crystal Si cantilever array,

D. Saya, K. Fukushima, H. Toshiyoshi, G. Hashiguchi, H. Fujita, H.Kawakatsu, pp.281-287. Abstract.


Conference Calendar, pp.288


Key Conferences on Sensors, pp.289-290




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