ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 96/1


Date : 31-Jan-2002


Identification of the dynamic properties of temperature sensors in natural and petroleum gas,

F. Cimerman, B. Blagojevic, I. Bajsic, pp 1-13. Abstract.


Piezoelectric composite hydrophone array,

S.T. Lau, K.W. Kwok, H.L.W. Chan, C.L. Choy. pp 14-20. Abstract.


A fiber Bragg grating sensor for static and dynamic measurands,

H.L. Ho, W. Jin, C.C. Chan, Y. Zhou, X.W. Wang, pp. 21-24. Abstract.


High resolution cryogenic optical fiber sensor system using erbium-doped fiber,

Y.W. Lee, B. Lee, pp. 25-27. Abstarct.


Hydrothermally deposited PZT film and its application to bending vibration devices,

H. Yasui, M.K. Kurosawa, T. Higuchi, pp.28-33. Abstract.


An SOI-MEMS technology using substrate layer and bonded glass as wafer-level package,

Z. Li, Y. Hao, D. Zhang, T. Li, G. Wu, pp. 34-42. Abstract.


Novel bulk acoustic wave hammer to determinate the dynamic response of microstructures using pulsed broad bandwidth ultrasonic transducers, W.-P. Lai, W. Fang, pp. 43-52. Abstract.


Scanning microscopic four-point conductivity probes,

C.L. Petersen, T.M. Hansen, P. Boggild, A. Boisen, O. Hansen, T.Hassenkam, F. Grey, pp. 53-58. Abstract.


Magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) pump fabricated with ceramic tapes,

J. Zhong, M. Yi, H.H. Bau, pp.59-66. Abstract.


VHF enhancement of micromechanical resonator via structural modification,

Y.C. Loke, K.M. Liew, pp. 67-77. Abstract.


Design and fabrication of a high-density metal microelectrode array for neural recording,

C. Xu, W. Lemon, C. Liu, pp.78-85. Abstract.




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