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Part 10. Sensor Interface Chips and Frequency-to-Digital Conversion Integrated Circuits


Abstract. The part devoted to sensor interface and frequency-to-digital conversion integrated circuits. The following integrated circuits are described: one-chip specialized microprocessor USP-30, frequency-to-digital converter K512PS11, Universal Sensor Interface Chip (USIC), Time-to-Digital Converters (TDC-F1, TDC-GP-1, TDC-GP-2, TDC-GP-X), Sensor Signal Processors SSP1492/1492, Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1), Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) and UTI03. Examples of FPGA based interpolating time counter and ASIC for single channel frequency-to-digital converter are also mentioned. The particular emphasis is give to the novel, revolution IC UFDC-1 which, make a possibility to work with any frequency-time domain parameters of signal as the standard ADC with voltage or current signals. There are detailed IC's description, circuit diagrams and consideration for practical use including information about measurement, communication modes and calibration. The 3-signal calibration technique for the UTI is also described.




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Course contents

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