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MXD2020E - Digital PWM output, ± 1g

MXD6025 - Digital PWM output, ± 2 g

MXD6125 - Digital PWM Output ± 0.5 - 2 g

MXD2125GL/HL/ML/NL - ±2 g Dual Axis Accelerometer with duty-cycle output

MXD6235M - ±2 g Dual Axis Accelerometer


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35203A, 35200A - Digital Accelerometer. Telemetry configuration, RS-485, CRC-16 error checking

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RBA-500 -  Frequency Output Sensor (Accelerometer)


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ADXL202 - Accelerometer with Duty Cycle Output, 2-Axis Acceleration Sensor on a Single IC Chip

ADXL210 - Analog Output Accelerometer with Digital Output

ADXL212 - ± 2 g dual axis accelerometer with duty-cycle output

ADXL213 - Dual Axis Accelerometer with Duty-Cycle Modulated Output, ± 1.2 g

ADXL001 - High Performance Wide Bandwidth iMEMS® Accelerometer, ±70 g, ±250 g, ±500 g

ADIS1620 - Low Power Fully Self-Contained Accelerometer/Inclinometer, 12 Bit Digital Inclination/Acceleration Sensor Outputs

ADIS16003 - Dual Axis ±1.7g Accelerometer with SPI Interface

ADIS16006 - Dual Axis ±5g Accelerometer with SPI Interface

ADIS16201 - Low Power Fully Self-Contained Accelerometer/Inclinometer, SPI output

ADIS16204 - Programmable Hi-G Digital Accelerometer, Impact Sensor, SPI output, Dual-axis sensing,  ±70, ±37 g, 14-bit resolution

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Accelerometers Seika available with Analog DC Output, digital pulse-width modulated, or frequency-modulated outputs

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LIS3LV02DL - three-axis digital accelerometer. SPI/I2C digital interface, ±2 and ±6g full-scale acceleration ranges that can change by software command before and during operation

LIS302DL - MEMS motion sensor 3-axis ±2g/±8g smart digital output 'piccolo' accelerometer

AIS326DQ - MEMS inertial sensor 3-axis, low g accelerometer with SPI digital output

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ACCL-Nx-v2 - Multi-Sensitivity Acceleration Sensor is a 3 axis digital acceleration sensor designed for Lego mindstorms NXT. I2C interface. Tilt data resolution in each axis: 2.5 degrees. Supported sensitivities: 2.5G, 3.3G, 6.7G, 10.0G



M9E-RF-1-50G - Wireless Smart (TEDS) Accelerometer

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Model 1010 - Digital Accelerometer, pulse density output

Model 2010 - Single axis accelerometer module. Pulse density output

Model 2420 - Triaxial accelerometer module, pulse density output

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AX301 - 3-axis accelerometer in a 40-pin DIP hybrid package with digital output

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Acceleration Sensor - Compact sensor for measuring acceleration in 2 axeses. Use the ADXL202 sensor from Analog Devices® and can measure acceleration from -2g to +2g in either X or Y axis

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SMB48x/49x - 4th Generation Micro-Machined Accelerometers; ±120 g and ±480 g; Digital PSI5 two-wire current interface

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MMA7455L - ±2g/±4g/±8g Three Axis Low-g Digital Output (SPI/I2C) Accelerometer



Accelerometer Type BB - overload capability up to 2000 g, 5 VTTL frequency output signal; total error <0.03%; output frequency 8...19 kHz





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