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Capacitive Displacement Sensors from Lion Precision -  The extremely compact, non-invasive, and multiple-channel interferometric displacement sensor system from attocube aystems AG can detect the spatial position change of a device in translational motion with high precision and megahertz bandwidth. Unlike existing displacement sensors, the attocube sensor is extremely compact as it is entirely based on optical fiber technology operating at telecommunications wavelengths. The patented sensing heads are small enough (sub-centimeter) to fit in tight spaces, and the optical signal containing the interferometric information for displacement is collected remotely through the same telecom fiber that ports the laser light to the sensing head. A quadrature signal of the interferometric beats is generated using a patented technique that measures both the displacement and its direction ...




List of Displacement Sensors Manufacturers:

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Professional Displacement and Position Measurements. From Nanos to Hundreds of Meters.

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IK1 D - Displacement transducers, s from 100 to 4000 mm, Start/Stop and PWM digital output

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Omron Z4M-N30V - Laser Displacement Sensor. Sensing range of 30 mm 2 mm, 4 to 2 0mA analog output, 12-bit binary digital output and NPN open collector control output.

D5V - Contact Displacement Sensor, 4- to 20-mA and digital output.



HC-485 - Multi-Drop Displacement Sensor. Two-wire addressable RS485 output

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GP-X Series - Digital Displacement Sensor, Eddy Current Type, 0.02 % FS resolution.

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DCTH100AG to DCTH400AG and DCTH500A to DCTH3000A - TEDS Displacement Transducers

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