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List of Magnetic Sensors Manufacturers:

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MS2B - Laboratory sensor for dual frequency measurements

MS2G - Magnetic susceptibility sensor, operating frequency 1.3kHz

Magnetic sensors list of manufacturers




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Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems

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Frequency Output Magnetic Z-sensor

  • Magnetic field range 0.001-1.0 T

  • Analog mode sensitivity 500-600 V/T

  • Frequency mode sensitivity 50-100 kHz/T

  • Power supply voltage (on demand) 5-30 V

  • Current consumption 1-3 mA

  • Dimensions 5x2x0.3 mm

For more information about Z-sensor see Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, No.2, November, 2000

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Smart Magnetic Sensor - analog and digital output. Can measure axial or transverse magnetic fields up to 2000 mT, and can be set for Auto range. D.c. range accuracy 0.3%

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KMZ41- Magnetic field sensor

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A1345 - High Precision 2-Wire Linear Hall Effect Sensor IC with Pulse Width Modulated Output

A1351, A1354 and A1356 - high precision, programmable 2-wire linear Hall effect sensor IC A1354 with duty-cycle output


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1490 - Digital Compass Sensor. It provides eight directions of heading information by measuring the earth's magnetic field using hall-effect technology

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FGM-X Series - magnetic field sensors; output period range from 8.5 ms to 25 ms (50 kHz - 125 kHz)

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DM-005 and DM-050 - Digital Magnetometers combine STLís 26-bit resolution low noise data acquisition system

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HAL810 -  Programmable Linear Hall Effect Sensor (TO-92UT). Digital signal processing, PWM output signal with typically 125 Hz refresh rate and up to 11 bit resolution

HAL85x - Programmable Hall-Effect Sensors with Arbitrary and Magnetic Field Output. PWM or serial Biphase-M output

HAL710/730 - Hall-Effect Sensors with Direction Detection. Operates with static and dynamic magnetic fields up to 10 kHz

HAL2850 - programmable linear Hall-effect sensors with duty-cycle output

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HMR2300 - Smart Digital Magnetometer. Three-Axis Digital Output - BCD ASCII or Binary RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Output - 9600 or 19200

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GMR Switch Precision Digital Sensors (SSI output, CAN bus)



AD Series - digital magnetic field sensors

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  MLX90291, MLX90292 -  programmable CMOS Linear Hall Sensor IC with 12-bit duty-cycle output signal proportional to the magnetic flux density

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Arrow TCW4 - duty-cycle output magnetic absolute multi-turn modular sensor; Ī 0.3 % relative error, 16-bit total resolution, 10 to 90% duty-cycle output signal with
1 kHz frequency

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Arrow DRV5057A - Linear Hall Effect sensor with PWM output



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



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Honeywell Magnetic Sensors:

Magnetic Field Sensing and Sensor Solutions for Magnetometers, Electronic Compasses,

Linear and Angular Position Sensors, Vehicle Detection, GPS Navigation, and more




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